Gunman opens fire on Toronto condo board, killing five in second such shooting in a week

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A Toronto-area condo board meeting turned tragic Sunday when a gunman stormed in and killed five people before being fatally shot by police.

“Horrendous scene,” York Regional Police Chief James MacSween said of the crime, according to a report from Associated Press. “Six deceased. One of them is the subject. The other five are victims.”

Police say residents were evacuated from the building shortly after the incident and that there was no further threat to the community after one of their officers put a stop to the massacre, while residents are expected to be allowed back into their units.

In addition to the six dead, MacSween said a seventh person who was shot by the suspect is being treated in the hospital and is expected to survive.

According to a report from the Toronto Star Monday, the shooter was identified as 73-year-old resident Francesco Villi. Villi was a longtime resident of the building who had for years targeted the condo board with lawsuits as part of a running dispute with board members.

According to the report, Villi used a semi-automatic handgun to carry out the shooting, but was killed at the scene “following an interaction with police,” the York Regional police said on Twitter.

“I am absolutely shocked and heartbroken that five individuals have lost their lives…and for this to happen in a community like Vaughan…is devastating,” Vaughan mayor Steven Del Duca said in front of the crime scene Monday. “It’s just horrifying and i can’t imagine what the victims families are going through right now.”

The shooting comes just a week after a similar scene unfolded in Rome, Italy, where three women were killed and others were injured after a man opened fire on their condo board meeting.

That shooting took place at a bar in the neighborhood of Fidene, where a man entered the meeting, shouting, “I’ll kill you all” before opening fire on the people in the bar.

“He came into the room, closed the door and shouted ‘I’ll kill you all’ and then started to shoot,” a witness told Italian news agency Ansa.

Four others were injured, one seriously, in the incident.

“The episode of violence that upsets our city is very serious. Three lives lost and seriously injured in a shooting during a condominium meeting,” Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri said on Twitter following the shooting.

Members of the Rome condo board were able to subdue and disarm the man before police arrived, telling officers that they knew the man, and he had previously been reported for making threats against community members.

2 thoughts on “Gunman opens fire on Toronto condo board, killing five in second such shooting in a week

  1. Sounds like these so called boards are up to some underhanded shit some of the tenants find unacceptable …. Apartment complexes, condo’s, trailer parks, They’re ALL the same…. As SOON as you are in and settled, the managers and boards start looking for reason and start nit picking and jacking with you, Even doing things behind the scenes to get you evicted, so they can milk somebody ALL over again for even more money …. With all these illegals it has become policy …. I even know of one that sent back fully paid rents, ( via registered mail no less ) and had the gaul to ask for a late fee …. Let’s hear the tenants side of it …. I’ll bet some of those shootings are justifiable and provoked ….

  2. Yep. I have heard some of the horror stories. They make it as miserable as they possibly can, for people simply exercising their right to shelter in a shrinking market of affordable, quality houses to live in without having to deal with the kind of Corona Canada Commie collective crap that is currently covering and consuming the country at an alarming rate, through these Communist condo complexes. From what I understand about the nature of this particular beast, they got what they had coming to them. “Every terrible implement of the soldier” IS the birth right of every freedom minded individual under the Law that keeps him free of any kind of capitalistic, corporate, commie collectivism! It’s B.O.R. 1791 Revival time!

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