Halloweed? Police warn of pot-spiked candy

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Colorado parents are being told to be on the lookout this Halloween for marijuana-laced candy, NBC News reported.

The Facebook page of the Denver Police Department is warning that mass-produced candy can by sprayed with hash oil, and once the spray dries, there is no way to tell that the candy has been infused.  

The station reported that the Denver PD Facebook page features Patrick Johnson, owner of marijuana shop Urban Dispensary. In the film, Johnson urges parents to inspect any candy their children bring home after trick-or-treating on Halloween to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with.

According to Children’s Hospital Colorado, accidental exposures of marijuana products to children in Colorado have increased in the past three years, based on the rate of emergency department visits and admissions at the hospital

“Since 2005, states that allow some form of legal marijuana have seen a 30 percent annual increase in calls to poison control centers for marijuana ingestion, relative to a 1 percent increase in non-legal states,” the hospital states on its website.


4 thoughts on “Halloweed? Police warn of pot-spiked candy

  1. As if someone is going to give away expensive pot laced candies..gimme a break .. as it further becomes “legalized” it becomes more and more expensive..who would waste it on giving it to some snot nosed brats?

    more scare tactics for the unwashed

  2. When I lived in Colorado the news was always stateing how dangerous pot candy is to kids. They would go on and on about how delicate the kids are and how pot was destroying the “child experience” because it is so in their face all the time.

    If they are worried about one consuming pot candy unintentionally, they should do a story about the thousands of dogs that go to the vet every year for weed over consumption. Only 40 something kids go to the ER each year for pot candies but thousands of dogs do.

    The story list no number of actual children admitted to ERs. The fact that its legal will get some parents to take their kids to the ER that would not have when it was illegal.

    (sure to sober any kid up)

  3. The GMO corn syrup and food colorings in those gummy bears are poison! Hash oil would actually make them more healthy.

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