Happy 9/11 Day!!

Well it is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.  Whether there will be another huge false flag today or not is yet to be seen, that is if you are even reading this.  Yesterday, at approximately 10:30 am Pacific time, From the Trenches World Report went down because our domain holder Go Daddy went down, causing millions of sites and email accounts around the world to go down with it.  The outage was blamed on an anonymous hack, but the very term anonymous leads one to wonder who the anonymous party was.

For weeks prior to 9/11 eleven years ago, someone anonymously was attacking the servers of Muslim sites in the US and then when the false flag occurred, these sites were down.  Thus, there were no contradictions being put forth by Middle Easterners to challenge the US government’s version of what had occurred.

It is important in propaganda to establish the lie and then counter every argument to the contrary by calling it a conspiracy theory.  Fifteen Saudi Nationals and four others hijacked passenger airliners, flying two of them into the World Trade Center buildings, one into the Pentagon, and another, if you believe this conspiracy theory, crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Propaganda is made up of truths, half-truths, and out and out lies and in order to make sure the truth stays obscured, cover up is absolutely essential.

Neither of the black box flight recorders from the planes that hit the Twin Towers were ever recovered, however, one hijacker’s passport was.  Considering the fact that the hijacker’s passport, being in his pocket, could not have been more than a few feet away from the flight recorder as the hijacker was flying the plane, maybe from here on out the pilots should just right down the data on a notebook and keep it in their pocket.

There has been a huge monument built at ground zero, I suppose as a monument to the lie, as no armature pilot could have performed the maneuvers necessary to fly those planes, not only into one building, but three.  And if  you believe the Twin Towers were brought down by those planes, then shouldn’t we ask why demolition crews are paid millions of dollars to demolish sky scrapers when there are lots of old planes sitting around in the bone yards that can bring them down with the same perfect precision as a constructed demolition implosion?

But enough of conspiracy theories, and if no false flag occurs today, will it be because none was planned or because so many are expecting it and would be poised to attack its validity right out the gate?

Anyway, Happy 9/11, …..I guess.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail

11 thoughts on “Happy 9/11 Day!!

  1. I am sick to death of this 9/11 crap! They put up a fancy memorial here my home town of Hopatcong right in front of town hall. It features a black marble memorial with the times of the hits on the towers, the Pentagon, and the crash in Pennsylvania. It has lights, a fancy brick design for the fire department, and a small waterfall. It’s main feature is a piece of a beam from each of the twin towers. The only thing that “memorial” reminds me of is this: the government is more than willing to kill its own citizens for it’s sick and twisted agendas. It happened eleven years ago and it will happen again soon.

  2. “Fifteen Saudi Nationals and four others hijacked passenger airliners, flying two of them into the World Trade Center buildings, one into the Pentagon, and another, if you believe this conspiracy theory, crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.”

    Not to mention the fact that fifteen (it may have been only twelve, it’s been a few years since I saw that information) of the nineteen so-called ‘terrorists’ turned themselves in at overseas embassies the very next day, but you never heard THAT from the MSM, naturally.

    Much akin to Osama Bin Had being killed TWICE in an eleven year span.

    Will wonders never cease.

  3. Conflict, Control and Conspiracy.

    With lies, lies and more lies the world is deceived into loving the oppressor and with more conflict, more control and more conspiracy the people feel that are not being loving enough and must love the oppressor much more to atone for their failure to appease their masters.

    I blame the media that has failed completely in its duty to inform. It is only the privileged such as myself that have the time to question. Busy people leading peaceful lives rely on the media. How the media operates is pure treason and in normal times treason is punishable by death or at least incarceration.

    The controllers of 911, the banks, the branches of Government and the media are total scum.

  4. I look at 9-11 as “the day that started it all,” and I still think 9-11 Truth is the most important issue of our time, because the 9-11 lie is what brought on the tyranny we all endure to this day. Exposing the truth subverts their tyranny. I’d like to thank all the new recruits to the “9-11 Truth Movement” for doing your part to save this country, and for showing the true patriotism that’s needed to save our future, and our freedom.

    That being said, I’d be curious to know if any of the “new 9-11 Truthers” are interested in learning from the experience and mistakes of an “old hand” at this arduous task of selling the truth to people who don’t want to buy it.

    As for my credentials, I was part of the “9-11 Truth Movement” since about 9-12, or whenever it was that George W. Bush made the statement “we’ll make no distinction between the terrorists, and the nations that harbor them.” That one statement betrayed to me the true motives behind the atrocity, and made me suspicious of exactly who was behind the attacks, and if I’m not mistaken, I believe I made one of the first public statements suggesting our own government’s possible involvement in the New York Times readers forums. I made and distributed the first “9-11 Truth CD”, and later founded the “9-11TruthAction” group after being kicked out of the “9-11 Truth Alliance” for exposing the fact of it being a government-run operation. I was desperate to do what I knew had to be done, and my first big success came from hijacking the mailing list of an on-line political newspaper, which allowed me to send my articles to about 20,000 of America’s most politically active people, and that one action made a big difference in 2004’s political discourse.

    The first thing you need to know if you want to achieve any success in spreading the truth about 9-11 is that most of the people who appear to be working with you are actually doing all they can to suppress the truth and negate your efforts. They’ll waste your time in endless debates and feuding, put forth nonsensical theories and “evidence” in an attempt to discredit all you do. They’re usually easily identified by all of the useless ideas they come up with which will only serve to waste activists’ time, but sometimes they’ll be a lot more cunning. They’ll find out who your lover is and create tensions between you and them, infect your computer with viruses, and do all they can to put stumbling blocks in your way. This is why one of the most important things you can do is be willing to work alone. Most of the 9-11 Truth groups were formed, and still exist, to suppress the truth rather than spread it. You don’t have to put on big presentations, organize large gatherings, make a new movie, or even do any research. All of the necessary evidence is already out there. You have to deliver it to people who haven’t seen it yet; not waste all your time in an internet group discussing it with people who are already aware. You have to burn hundreds of copies of CDs, print up the stickers that advertise “good” 9-11 truth sites, and then get out on the street and distribute the discs, and put the stickers up on the busiest street corners in your area. You have to do the work rather than discuss the work, and your determination to save this country must compel you to push aside any who would slow you down.

    Always remember that you’re revealing a truth that everyone wishes were false, so the resistance to hearing it will always be great. I’ve always compared it to walking into a church and declaring that there was no God. (you’ll be the next guy that gets nailed to a cross) Don’t force the truth on anyone, but instead reveal just enough evidence to make them curious, and suspicious. “Plant seeds” that will be nourished by them hearing similar things from other people, or arouse their curiosity, but don’t argue with anyone. Different pieces of 9-11 evidence appeal to different people, often depending on their profession. A stock broker should be informed of the short sales of American Airlines and Dean Witter stocks in the weeks before the attacks. Someone of a scientific background should be informed of the molten steel found in the basements of the buildings that collapsed, or the speed of the towers’ collapses.

    Forget the Pentagon altogether, and avoid “activists” who insist there’s valuable evidence there. What happened at the Pentagon? The truth is that no one knows, because there isn’t enough solid evidence there to support anything definitive, so when you do discuss the “Pentagon evidence”, you only convince people that you have no real evidence at all, because it’s all speculation of what might have, or could have happened. They automatically think “if he had any real evidence that’s what he’d be showing me, rather than this Pentagon rubble guesswork.”

    The molten steel found at the World Trade Center, and the dust samples collected there contains scientific evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that explosives were used, and that evidence can’t be disputed by anyone. The undisputable, simplest, and most effective way of spreading the truth is by reminding people of the maximum burning temperature of jet fuel (1700° F), and the melting point of steel. (2800°F), and not letting the conversation be shifted to softening, or weakening the steel. What we’re talking about is structural steel melted into the flowing liquid that’s easily seen in many photos and videos, and whose presence isn’t disputed by anyone.

    You don’t have to provide all the answers, and don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.” What you do know is enough to prove that we were lied to, and that the entire “attack” is a fraud, and that’s all you need to prove. Once they’re convinced of that much, they’ll find out more on their own, and you can move on to another target.

    One of the most important, and shocking revelations to most people that’s been proven by the events of 9-11 is that every TV station, every newspaper and magazine, as well as every college and university can all collaborate to tell the same lie, and that’s one of the most difficult things for the 9-11 truth activist to conquer. Informing people that they’re all under the control of a few Zionist billionaires goes a long way to them seeing how they could have been so completely misinformed.

    I wish you luck, and of course, success. The trick is to awaken as many as possible as possible before you get burned out from being attacked by the people you’re trying to save. It’s not a completely thankless job, because I’m thanking you right now for picking up the torch of freedom and truth, and carrying it a little bit further than I was able to. — Jolly Roger

    1. Jolly Roger,
      I commend you for your work in exposing the truth, but at this point those out there who are so dim witted, mush minded, ignorant, and wantonly stupid to the point that they cannot see what is going on right before their eyes and just simply refuse to face reality, can keep their sorry asses on the other side of the fence. After this Revolution, we will remove them from our country as the dangerous imbecile threat they represent.
      I’m way past sick of stupid people.

      1. yeah, you’re absolutely right, Henry. These are different times now, and it’s hard to believe a decade went by.

        You won’t have to remove many imbeciles. Most of them will starve to death long before you get to them, but popular support is important to the success of a revolution, and there are a lot of people on our side who haven’t yet faced the reality of what this must eventually come to. They can help garner popular support by continuing to spread truth. It’s a learning curve, and a lot of people are just finding out what many in the Patriot community have known since the 90’s. (or 80’s)

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