12 thoughts on “HAPPY BILL OF RIGHTS DAY!

  1. And what a GLORIOUS DAY it is!! A reminder of our beautiful freedom and an inspiration to fight harder to restore and protect it. Thanks, Hal!! I’ve heard The 10 Articles referred to as “Lifeboats.” If the ship is in peril, they are the safe-haven.




  2. “I suspect that the framers of the Bill of Rights have long since rolled over in their graves.”
    — Jay Parin

    “Contrary to all the blather we here about the unique goodness of the American people or our religious heritage or anything else, the one thing that set this country apart from all others is the Bill of Rights.
    — Harry Browne

    “The cause of The Bill of Rights has, of late, been re-stirred in the hearts and minds of the American people. This is predominately due to the tireless work of Mr. Henry Shivley, who, for over a decade has championed its cause and highlighted its value as The Supreme Law of our land. It is because of this man that Freedom is once again a primary concern of life, not just for Americans, but for people all over the world. Let it be recognized that his contribution points to a way out from the ever increasing, aggressive tyranny. It is this writer’s opinion that the world might stand in gratitude to Mr. Henry Shivley.”
    — Me

    Aside – Sorry Henry, I know you don’t like to be called “Mr,” but I just had to say it how I said it.



    1. Thank you for the very high compliment, but the mass of the work that has been accomplished in defense of our Bill of Rights has come from many hands, including yours, and hence I thank you and all the other Trenchers for the work you all have done.
      Happy Bill of Rights Day!

      1. Henry you and your family are the best. diggardan, millard. just to name a few of the old timers that havent been around for about 6 to 7 years… diggerdan told me about hawthorne berry for your heart. i tried it it works. Ken

    1. US American Nationals will rise….. Just waiting to execute… Your brother Ken
      The whole world is watching us,,,, let us be an example of overcoming tyranny the hopefully other countries will follow and put this new world order agenda to rest.

  3. Bill of Rights, Common Law, No Compromise!

    “The Enforcers of Tyranny, MUST bare the brunt of the peoples resistance to it”, though they are really just in the way of getting to the suits!

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