10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From the Trenches!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Henry, Laura and all your family and all the Trenchers!

    Remember the 6 gorillian turkeys holocausted. Not one less, or we’ll write a “law” against it!

      1. I heard it was 2 quadrillion brazillion trillion million. Nothing like it ever!! Not ANYWHERE else in the world EVER!! 2 Quadrillion Brazillion Trillion Million!!


        1. Was always under the impression that it could actually be just six, no more, no less – just six (which is a lot closer to the opposite end of the spectrum, than bunch-a-zillion).

          And, have a great Turkey day Henry and family, and all the Trenchers!

        2. Bow hunters dropped off some deer jalapeno cheese pepperoni sticks.
          They’re fking lovely!!!
          Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy thanksgiving to the Trencher family! Wishing you all blessings and good things to come! I’m thankful to be part of fttwr, and Henry, Laura!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Henry and Laura. The word “Happy” is the people’s and we won’t let them erase it. So what the heck could I possibly be happy about?!! Well, for one thing, the fact that you guys were somehow dropped into my 21st century life, a life that kept seeing how screwed up existence was becoming, a life that needed a way out of all that and with a pathway to the truth. And there it was, the beacon you hold up day-after-day-after-day: The Bill of Rights. Gradually that disordered and infuriated life of mine started to understand that my life is my own and I am not a slave — now all I have to do is get rid of the false power slave-masters. And the work began. A most worthy work. Something not just for myself but for generations to come. Here, in this very moment, at The Trenches, does that objective live untarnished, and I am so thankful for it and thankful to you, Henry and Laura, beyond measure.

    I know I wax dramatic at times, but I can’t help it; it’s in my genes. That said… To all The Trenchers, you have my genuine respect. Almost everyday I am infected by your courage and by your relentless drive to both seek out and expose the truth, and by your commitment to fight the evil in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. For you, I am grateful, and because you share The Bill of Rights vision, you make my life a little less lonely and a lot more optimistic. Strength to us all!!!


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