30 thoughts on “Having fun in Oregon

  1. Fantastic!! Laura, thanks for keeping the articles posted and hope you get to enjoy some of this beauty in between working. I would imagine you enjoy having something to keep you occupied other than just sitting around and taking in that beautiful scenery. 🙂

    Mark, you look happy to be with your brother. Keep these two in line and thanks for treating them to a bit of reprieve.

    Henry, you’re right at home in those trees and mountains and I hope you get to fill that bottle with something amber colored.

    Hope you all have a wonderful few days together!

      1. Passed on it after they forecast thunderstorm (chance of, anyway… never happened) yesterday morning, JR. Needed to go to Lebanon again anyway.

  2. Always beautiful pictures from Henry’s neck of the woods. Pretty place.

    Go easy on the vodka, guys.

  3. Brings me heart happiness to see you three enjoying nature and camaraderie. That lodge looks awesome. I must one day stay there.



  4. That is some beautiful scenery and some mighty fine company you have there! Have a great time, you deserve it!

  5. Beautiful place to be. Looks like some awesome memories being made great for the mental storage locker, enjoy.

  6. Looks like some time for some Cap’n Dews… captain morgan to taste, and then some mountain dew. tastes like cream soda.

    Also…. i would like to share my favorite outdoors album. Listen if you like, or dont. But something about this album just seems to fit being outdoors and away from all the chaos that is thrown at us.


    there is a minute of silence at the end of opening theme for some reason. the rest of the playlist works fine. i hope every one of you checks it out. or maybe just mary, whatever. it’s your life. do what you want.

    JACK… RUUUUUBY! appears from out of nowhere, and then just disappears in broad daylight….

  7. Great stuff! Think about me when you’re having that shot! Thanks for the pics guys!

  8. Bring a rope in case you catch any criminal invaders or criminal cartel in occupation members.
    And a cannon. Maybe some tar and feathers too.

    One can never be prepared enough.
    Fish for lunch or dinner or both?

  9. Wow, man. Just wow. Breathtakingly beautiful and it’s really all anyone could ever ask for. Envious 🙂

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