Headline of the day: Gay Illegal Aliens Causing The Expansion Of Polar Ice-Caps

Your Crazy Uncle Bubba

A Puerto Rican study headquartered in El Segundo showed that the influx of homosexual Mexican illegals is responsible for the unexpected expansion of the Antarctic ice caps.

The usual warming effect of the darker skin Mexican illegals soaking up and trapping excessive amounts of radiant heat is being negated by the hot pink sombreros and lighter bleached skin complexion of the homos reflecting it back into the atmosphere in and around the San Francisco area.  

The cooler than expected May temperatures have started an chilling La Niña type condition experts are calling the “icehole vortex.” The changes in ocean currents have dramatically increased the size of the Antarctic ice sheets.

If you don’t believe this, you are racist…

– See more at: http://im41.com/archives/51841#sthash.EtAHRP6x.dpuf

Icehole vortex I don’t care who you are that’s funny!

Roman Maronie says what I think very well.What a patriot!


3 thoughts on “Headline of the day: Gay Illegal Aliens Causing The Expansion Of Polar Ice-Caps

  1. Well, that’s it, we must make it illegal for these illegal aliens to wear these global warming contributing sombreros. That could double their chance of deportation. 🙂

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