Health Ranger reveals spiritual path, divine influence behind Natural News

naturalNatural News – by Mike Adams

In the latest episode of Awakenings, now available at this link on Natural News, I reveal for the first time the divine influence behind the mission of Natural News.

The mission, of course, is to protect life: its sustainability, diversity and continuity. How we accomplish that is a combination of grassroots education, online activism, revenue fundraising and sheer authenticity through and through.  

Hear “the secret” behind Natural News in my own words in this 10-minute “Awakenings” podcast:

• The spiritual calling that drives the Natural News mission.

• Why no one would ever pursue Natural News for purely economic or entrepreneurial reasons.

• How divine inspiration gives me the strength and courage to pursue the Natural News mission for the betterment of humankind.

• Why I don’t sacrifice my values, ethics and philosophies: our actions count for far more than just this life experience.

• Why my actions are guided by divine philosophies and inspiration rather than dark temptations like greed or power.

• How destroyers or life — GMO pushers, toxic vaccine pushers, mercury poisoners — are soulless creatures who lack ethics, values, morals and any belief in consciousness or divinity.

• Why our physical life is a temporary experience that tests our souls in a challenging realm of great deception.

• Life after death, “Proof of Heaven” and the story of neurosurgeon Eben Alexander.

• Understanding the testing ground: why Earth is a realm of extreme evil and deception.

• Why my core drive is the protection of life from poison and destruction.

• I hold life and consciousness as sacred (and worth protecting).

Hear the full podcast below:

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