Helicopter right over my house this morning


Just about 9 AM I heard a helicopter moving my direction, went outside, and it stopped and hovered right over my house for 2-3 minutes.  Got my binoculars, when I got to the back yard it was slightly in front of my house and turned so the passenger could see the front of my house.  I was observed watching them.

Ran in, grabbed my camera and took these 3 pictures.  As I snapped the last one, the helicopter slowly moved away.

I’ve never seen one like this.  Anyone know what it is?  It’s the 4th helicopter to either make multiple passes or sit over the top of my house in the last year.

Lived here 48 years and this have never happened before.

IMGP1014-crop IMGP1015-crop

18 thoughts on “Helicopter right over my house this morning

  1. Mark,
    I lived in Citrus Heights CA. and had helicopters without markings flying over
    my house, and hovering about during the summer months. A neighbor told
    me that outdoor marijuana grows were illegal in Sacramento county, and that
    these were DEA agents looking for grow ops…They are very common this time of year, and they make busts on a daily basis. People know this and wait til late June to put their plants out. By August, they are big enough to spot and identify. This came from a neighbor, but certainly sounds feasible.

    1. there are N numbers on this one, i can see the start of them up at the top by the main rotor .. looks like N6- – – – is the beginning

      1. -> EotS: I was only able to get 3 pictures with no clear view of the entire number. I cropped and enlarged the best view and got: N 66 then either an 8 or 9, but it was too close and over the top to see them all. Also, it never banked, but flat turned when it moved away.

        -> Alf: Ya, could be DEA or some such outfit. If so, they’re barking up an invisible tree, ie nothing of that nature on my property.

        1. I never had any either, but I was in a duplex, and there were a lot of backyards in the neighborhood. The way I usually knew they were coming was from hearing them hovering over a nearby street as they moved slowly over the back yards. They may have liked my tomatoes though?

  2. too bad you didnt get a better picture of the N number up close to the main rotor , check all your pictures and see if you have one that can be blown up to show those numbers.. once you have those numbers they can be traced to who owns it and what type of copter it is

  3. My trees and plants started dying the next day after my helicopter fly over experience last month.
    I also had 2 chickens dead the next morning and 2 goats dead withen days after the same color blue chopper hoverd over my place.
    And I saw no spray,,,, Go figure

    1. REDHORSE,
      Wow! Maybe my neighbor was right after all. I know when I was living in Nevada county, I heard helicopters circling the area I lived in.
      One morning I heard a loud bang, and some militarized goons were breaking down the door of the house about 50 yards away. They threw a flash bang into the neighbors lap where he was asleep in a chair. He had severe burns from it. They took 114 very small plants,
      and jailed several people. It looked like a war zone…

  4. Right away this ass hole is breaking every law in the book. He is under 500 feet while flying in a populated area. Next time it happens, send up a drone into its rotars

    1. There is only one way I know of that this comment could have gotten on the wrong article. Mark Schumacher put it on the wrong article. 🙂
      Laura fixed it for you brother.

    2. Bingo, well below the minimum ceiling of 500′, as were the previous 3 I mentioned that were over my house some 8-9 months ago. All 3 were here and gone back then within 30 minutes of each other, and one WAS military. If my outdoor kitties drop dead like Kantucky’s chickens and goats, the next one that shows up will get dropped !!!

  5. I had 3 fly around my house 2 weeks ago. They made a few circles and then took off. I still dont know what that was about.

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