Here is a update from Fort Bend County where I live, I am fine

First is the river gage.

Closed roads and main highways

The River crested yesterday and coming back up again.  

The 1899 flood was 54.46 feet.

Today June 2016 it is 54.81, this surpasses the river flood back in old days.

Here are pictures of the 1889 flood.

1899_Brazos_River_Flood_Facebook_-_2016-05-28_13.08.14 1899_Brazos_River_Flood_Facebook_-_2016-05-28_13.07.52 1899_Brazos_River_Flood_Facebook_-_2016-05-28_13.07.18 1899_Brazos_River_Flood_Facebook_-_2016-05-28_13.07.02 1899_Brazos_River_Flood_Facebook_-_2016-05-28_11.47.57

5 thoughts on “Here is a update from Fort Bend County where I live, I am fine

  1. The roads are too dangerous to go ot on due to the flooding. I am staying put due to the massive shut down of the county and main roads. What I will do is send news reports to henry.

    Ill try to get some pics from the media.

    You can follow the flooding at


  2. For some reason this region just gets hammered with rain, I remember the last couple years has been horrible.these weather modification clowns are real pieces of work.

  3. Mark W,
    Thank you or letting us know that you’re OK.
    We have cousins and friends that we still haven’t heard from.
    It’s a relief to know that you’re alright.
    Please keep us posted.
    Be safe.

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