Here’s why a Vermont man put up a giant, illuminated middle finger sculpture on his front lawn

For drivers traveling on northwestern Vermont’s Route 128 through Westford, it’d be hard not to notice a rather outsized, impolite gesture.

But don’t worry, Ted Pelkey says the 700-pound wooden middle finger sculpture on his front lawn isn’t for them. Rather, Pelkey says the sculpture — which sits on top of a 16-foot pole — is the product of an “uphill battle” more than 10 years in the making with local town officials over a garage he wants to build on his property.  

“I’m not trying to cause hate and animosity to the people who live in that town, because there’s very good people in that town,” the 54-year-old Westford native says of his fellow residents in the 2,000-person town. “All the people are very good people.”

With the exception, Pelkey says, of the Westford Selectboard, Development Review Board, and other town leaders, who have blocked his efforts to get a permit to build the 8,000-square-foot garage, so he could move his truck repair and monofilament recycling businesses in nearby Swanton to his own property.

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9 thoughts on “Here’s why a Vermont man put up a giant, illuminated middle finger sculpture on his front lawn

    1. He probably helped put it up.

      Heard tell he has 49 more ready to go in his garage. Hard to keep up with orders.



  1. “It was critical to me to make sure that my neighbors and the people who live in this town understood that I didn’t put that up there for them,” Pelkey said. “It is aimed directly at the people who sit in our town office.”

    LOL… bet they told you to take it down, right?

    “Instead, Pelkey’s giant wooden middle finger falls under the category of public art…”

    “He apparently can do what he’s done,” Allison Hope, chair of the Westford Selectboard…”


    However, if that were MY finger, it would be aimed directly at D.C. Why waste it on minions? I’d have a 2nd one aimed directly at the state capital too, though (just for sh#ts & giggles).

    Thanks for sending me this one, Angel. I rarely see much to laugh about this early in the day.

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