5 thoughts on “Here’s why Rock n’ Roll will never die!

  1. This brought a moment of joy to my heart
    Girl friend was gettin down LOL
    Her facial expressions…priceless
    Thank you Paul

  2. What a cutie
    I’ve got my little 1-1/2 year old granddaughter dancin and grooving to the blues , she loves music
    some it just comes natural

  3. The whole “rock is dead” thing is just propaganda to get whites into gangsta rap and hip-hop (and then get shamed for “cultural appropriation” while putting up with videos of rappers hanging white kids….XXXTentacion for one….watch on VigilantCitizen site) and garbage Beyonce/Rihanna/Taylor Swift/etc. “pop” that “the narrative” claims has taken over (in prep for a “BLM/Antifa” takeover no doubt…bwahahahahahahahahahah!) and “shame” their white parents for being fans of the Beatles/Stones/LedZep/Who/CCR/Lynard Skynard/etc. and oh yeah, Jimi Hendrix and the Chambers Brothers (“Time Has Come Today”….only the drummer was white)”….Bwahahahahahahahahahah! But as Roger Daltry sang, “Long Live Rock, be it dead or alive…”

    Another hope…rock is huge in Asia…daughter’s fave band is from Japan, and she’s seen them twice.

  4. There is hope yet! Damn cute little girl! Just when you think all is lost, this pops up!

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