10 thoughts on “Hey Mary, you are missing out :)

    1. Oh man!
      Im not even close to ready!
      This old RV aint happening, and failing is not an option!

      You know that red line on the tachometer? Well it seems thats how I do things.
      Got to 80 yesterday, and 32 last night.
      It will get done, but not without the brass monkey.

  1. Gee Hal what is that pink stuff. LMAO. Was 27 this morning in the town I left behind hahaha….86 here now in texas

    1. (Laughing!)
      I’m glad you made it there, Mary.
      The internet used for the last bunch of years works for dodo here at the new “compound” lol.
      I may have to get a…
      Dun dun dun…
      Smart phone to run waves from here, or come up with something else.
      No time before brass monkey gets here though.
      Been running the micro on an old flip phone.
      Be well, sister!

    2. “86 here now in texas”

      mary, would you admit it is a bit warm? Same temp we have here going up to 90 with 60% humidity.

      Been doing yard work today and coming in soaked every time and drenching myself with cold wet cloth.

      Looking forward to winter!

      1. no no no Katie I will admit to no such thing…LOL…..I also did yard work all day …and because of those dang military grade mosquitoes I did don my hoodie jacket while mowing the dog yard…I will admit that did get a bit warm….I grew up in Chitcago where the summers were hot and humid….I have had my fill of long cold winters so I will not ever complain about heat …..I am looking forward to what amounts to no winter here in Texas…will be the first time in my life!!!!!! Katie, it is a good thing to sweat as it helps the body rid itself of toxins

        1. I figured as much that you would not complain having come from the arctic region. LOL. I imagine you checking frequently the temps. from where you moved from only to find yourself smiling from ear to ear. Trust me, I would too!
          I had no problems with mosquitoes today, thank God, just the sweat dripping into my eyes. I’ve been detoxified for sure!
          I do love winters here, that’s for sure!
          There are some really funny memes about winter in Texas.

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