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Hidden in Plain Sight – FEMA Way Stations

One of the very first things I discovered when I began researching the NWO, some 4 ½ years ago, was what I call ‘way stations’. These are places that, at first glance, look like nothing out of the ordinary, but upon closer inspection, are revealed to be something far more insidious than one would suspect. They can be found anywhere, and as anyone knows, the best place to hide something is in plain sight, where it can be seen by anyone, but not necessarily recognized for what it actually is.

I came across this information quite by accident while searching the internet one day for some photos of giants that a friend of mine had downloaded. I hadn’t asked him the name of the website he got them from, so I simply Googled the word ‘giants’, hoping to get lucky. It was by far either the luckiest or smartest thing I’ve ever done, as it took me to a site called “Return of the Nephilim”, which not only had the same pictures my friend had downloaded, but it also had many different articles about something I had always considered to be a myth at best – the Illuminati.  

Being of a curious nature, I was immediately intrigued by what I saw. The more I read, the more I thought to myself “This can’t be true, how could they possibly keep this kind of information secret from the rest of the world?” Little did I know that the strength of the NWO lies in that very secrecy. Without it, they could no longer effectively function.

Then I found an article about FEMA camps, complete with photos. My interest at this point evolved from intrigue to downright fear. One of the links provided by this article listed three different locations of these ‘way stations’, all within easy driving range of where I live, not actual FEMA camps, but more in the nature of holding facilities.

I then thought, “This is something concrete, something that can easily be proven or disproven.

First stop: the San Fernando Valley Water District, being that it is not only the closest, but also the furthest west. It is located just about where the 405 & 5 freeways converge.

I drove up into the parking lot of the Odyssey Restaurant  and took some shots. It was just as the article had claimed. The water district is surrounded by a chain link fence, topped with triple strand barbed wire. The only problem was, the barbed wire was facing the WRONG DIRECTION!

When you want to keep someone OUT of an area, barbed wire is ALWAYS facing OUTWARD. When you want to keep them in, as with prisons, the barbed wire ( usually with razor wire added in prisons ) is ALWAYS facing inward. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

I then drove down to Blucher Ave., where the maintenance facility was located.  Sure enough, where they kept the trucks and equipment, the barbed wire was facing outward, as it should have been, TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT! This was right across the street from the fence with the barbed wire facing INWARD! ( NOT to keep people out, but IN, obviously ). One other thing mentioned in the article was railway access, which this location has. This is for the boxcars that government ordered from an Oregon company which were sent to another OR company, which then outfitted them with 142 sets of shackles inside, if memory serves me. ( Don’t quote me on the exact number, it’s been a while since I’ve seen this information ).

I then drove to Glendale, to Brand Park. I wasn’t able to get the shots I would have liked, because there was a cop walking his K-9 on the baseball field where I took the photos, and I avoid those people like the plague. As one can clearly see, the barbed wire is once again facing inward.

Final stop, The Antelope Valley – East Kern Water Agency, located in Pearblossom at 35261 116th St. East, in the high desert. This is a very large facility, completely surrounded by chain link fencing. Again, you can clearly see that that the barbed wire is also facing inward. It also has railway access, and right across the street is an aqueduct, with warning signs posted about the danger of drowning and so forth, with barbed wire facing OUTWARD, as it should be.

I have to admit, at this point I was as freaked out as I have been about anything I’ve ever seen in my life. I called a good friend of mine, thinking, surely he could see what I was seeing. He agreed to meet me for lunch, so we got together and I showed him the pictures, and explained what they meant. He was very understanding, and very sympathetic, but I could see he didn’t believe a single thing I was telling him. I’ve been battling this “oblivious to the truth” mentality ever since.

One more thing. There are other places I think of as very temporary holding facilities. These are everywhere, but the last two photos were taken in the yard of the warehouse where I work. One is of the fence surrounding the warehouse, and the other of the warehouse yard ACROSS the train tracks, ( railway access again ). These fences are very high, complete with barbed wire ( facing inward ), and as you can see, also with razor wire at the warehouse I work in. I believe these will be used as emergency holding pens for very short-term prisoners, before they are taken away to camp FEMA.

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9 Responses to Hidden in Plain Sight – FEMA Way Stations

  1. Koorz says:

    Train tracks are less than a mile north, straight up 116th St.

    I’d be curious to know what your ‘friends’ thoughts were on all this to ‘calm you down’?

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Thought it wasn’t possible for the so-called ‘government’ to NOT have our best interests at heart.

      Good Christian… but not so good at reality.

      • Koorz says:

        Ohh yeaaaa; “9/11? Oh, COME ON! Your tin foil hat is on too tight if you REALLY believe the government would do …that…to it’s own people!”

      • Koorz says:

        By the way?

        There is also one, San Pedro, Terminal Island. RR tracks, same concertina FACING IN.

        There’s one that is a low-level correctional facility, but I remember reading there’s a larger one.

        • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

          I’ve seen a number of them in various places since I took those photos (2012).

          They’re not hard to spot once you know what to look for.

  2. E7698-332 says:

    Be very careful who you “reveal” information to in the future. It will be folks you least expect that will turn you in when they come around looking for the ‘Agitators’.
    Most do not want to hear or talk about this at all. The proverbial “head-in-the-sand” effect.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      “Be very careful who you “reveal” information to in the future.”

      LOL… I’m WAY beyond that consideration.

      “It will be folks you least expect that will turn you in when they come around looking for the ‘Agitators’.”

      They’ll likely never get the chance.

      I’m certain I’m on at least a half a dozen or more lists for that dubious distinction.

  3. ChumpedbyTrump says:

    Do you have a link for the website?

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