Hillary Clinton Shakes Hands With Voter & Deletes Picture, Tattoo Says It All

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Hillary Clinton posted a photo of herself shaking hands with a potential voter to her Twitter account, but it was quickly removed after her followers became upset, and it’s likely due to the interesting tattoo he had on his arm.

The Democratic front-runner for the 2016 presidential election was at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on July 3, walking the streets and meeting likely voters outside of an ice cream parlor, BuzzFeed reported. During her walk, her campaign said that she met and shook hands with quite a number of people, but one in particular caused an issue.  

A Man in a sleeveless tank top approached and asked to shake Clinton’s hand, and the former Secretary of State obliged. Someone snapped a picture, and Clinton posted it to twitter, but it was promptly taken down after her followers noticed what the man’s tattoo said.

That’s right, it says “White.” Not “White Power,” “White Supremacist,” or anything other than “White,” but her campaign deleted it “out of caution” so they didn’t offend anybody.

Of course, people were quick to say that the man is racist, and that Hillary should have never shaken hands with a white supremacist, but again, there was zero context for what the meaning of the man’s tattoo was. But, it’s worthwhile noting that Lebanon, where the stop was, is famous for the White Mountain Range, and people often get their last names tattooed on themselves. He may like cocaine, maybe he served and White was the last name of a fallen brother, maybe his other arm said “Weft,” or any number of things that could explain why he had “white” tattooed on his arm.

Or you know what? Maybe, just maybe, it is a “White Pride” tattoo… GASP! We couldn’t have something like that now, could we?

But I digress. Are we that sensitive as a nation that just the word “white” is now offensive and this is what happens? Man, people need to toughen up a little bit.

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7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Shakes Hands With Voter & Deletes Picture, Tattoo Says It All

  1. No self respecting white supremacist would vote for a hack like Hillarry

    so he wasnt there to give support , or he wasnt a white supremacist..which is it ?

  2. Perhaps the guy is getting his tattoos in ‘installments’? (which means that it’s just the first stage of a larger design) I am not an expert on those matters, but I have some ‘extended family’ that indulges in these sorts of things. I like to tell them that ‘it’s SO worth the risk of hepatitus, painful, expensive, not very attractive, painful and expensive to remove, etc. -But, to each his or her own I suppose… you all have probably ‘been there’ with inlaws and/or outlaws and whatnot. They like to bust on you for stuff but can’t take it when you school them on reality.

    OK, down from the soapbox…
    I guess we can assume that the ‘white’ guy shaking Hitlery’s claw is a fool.
    Maybe he didn’t get the memo listing all of her attributes, particularly the part about the people that seem to die earlier than expected when they had been ‘involved’ with “her” and Slick Willy.
    Maybe he just has a fetish for ‘older women’? (I had to restrain myself from more colorful language on that)
    Maybe the second arm says ‘trash’?

  3. Above it, covered by the food in his left hand, is the first part: Great.

    The tat of his favorite band: Great White 🙂

    At least it was not a confederate flag!

  4. “Or you know what? Maybe, just maybe, it is a “White Pride” tattoo… GASP!”

    See a LOT of those in L.A. And jail…

    The guy’s an idiot. No telling WHAT you could catch from merely touching that foul creature.

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