5 thoughts on “Hired Guns Arrive In Kiev! Reports of Over 300 U.S. Mercenaries Now Inside Ukraine!

  1. Hi Funny Farmer,

    NOOooooo!,… those people are not ther to HURT the Ukrainians!,… why,.. these pyschos were sent to HELP the Ukrainians,… who are CLEARLY confused about having “Western Democracy” or not!

    Why these ABM (American Backed Mercernaries) will LOVE the people of the Ukraine,… to death,.. I’m sure of it.

    JD – US Marines – Well,.. looks like the pyschotic Central Banksters have decided to go, “All-In”,.. and have sent in their “Love-Squads”,.. which will just LLOOVVVEEEEE,.. those Ukrainians and Crimean’s to death!

    1. Hey JD,
      Now with the jewish commissars in charge in Kiev, and now with a little help from there western counterparts, you can expect reports of Ukrainians and Crimean’s being suicided, disappeared and assassinated, all to be blamed on Russia. You would think that of all people the Ukrainians would know better, it wasn’t all that long ago they were slaughtered by the commissars of stalin and trotsky. It’s not that Putin is a saint or anything, don’t get me wrong, but the Russians will never let go of that peninsula without a fight, and I don’t blame them. Let the Lovefest begin. Jim
      P.S. And it wont be long before we hear of reports that the mossad has arrived also.

  2. do any of you remember how the united snakes sent in advisers to nam..then the crap started to hit the fan..the same infestation has begun..i bet my balls that the insect called senator mac insane has bankrolled this..i again ask the adult question..why in hell was the bacteria from Arizona in Russia several daze ago..not for nothing but the people of Arizona are now asking themselves and taking steps to rid themselves of the bud not so wiser cancer faced fiend.hes a real serious psychopathic war monger..bet your lives on that folks

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