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    1. This image and its words made me realize how much unnecessary bureaucracy they have slimed us with and how much theft they have perpetrated, along with massive doses of control. Looks like this is becoming the time of the great-undoing, the getting rid of, the purging. New Protocols To Try On.



  1. Sickening isn’t it. Make sure your aim is improving, group those rounds in that middle slot, try and make a happy face.

    Either that or a middle finger.

    1. Ode To The Middle Finger

      Great and loyal appendage
      center-most part of the part of me
      that raises fist in awful disgust
      you are the ambassador of truth
      the id of irritation
      true expression of the peoples’ justice

      Undaunted digit
      of passionate revenge
      keep yourself ready and strong
      for you are needed, certainly treasured
      a bless-ed reserve when all else fails

      I wave you proudly
      with ghetto force
      my champion equalizer
      my deadly sword
      wherever I go, you go too
      for in raising you tall and strong
      I am equipped
      to proclaim my truth




  2. Fact of the matter is, the income tax has always been and is an excise tax on certain activities and privileges. The income tax is an excise tax with respect to certain activities and privileges which is measured by reference to the income which they produce. The income is not the subject of the tax; it is the basis for determining the amount of tax.” http://losthorizons.com/Newsletter/MythBusters/Hubbard.pdf
    The ‘Government’ is an abstraction, and its possession of property largely constructive. Actual possession and custody of
    Government property nearly always are in someone who is not himself the Government but acts in its behalf and for its purposes. He may be an officer, an agent, or a contractor. His personal advantages from the relationship by way of salary, profit, or beneficial personal use of the property
    may be taxed… https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/322/174/
    Regardless of the 1913 F. Reserve, the nature of the income tax has not changed, only our misunderstanding, and by intention, as most things in this country.

    1. Thanks, Katie. I never saw those words before:

      “The Government is an abstraction”

      One dictionary definition of abstraction is: something that exists only as an idea. From the Latin abstrahere – to draw away

      Seems like “abstraction” is a close cousin of “distraction.”


        1. Can we also say that anything outside of the natural world is POSSIBILITY?

          Mary, there’s a big conversation here. Maybe one day…



  3. yeah sure BUT NOW we have more roads more gooder shcools bigger universities and a really great awesome cool nice military, who was so kind as to let some of that awesomeness spill down to our hero pO-lice to better protect ‘n serve us!! so yea.. YEA TAXES!! right?? i know I’m right ’cause they never stop telling us how awesome it is!! .. i mean, i ain’t paid taxes this century but i SHO DO preshate all y’alls hard work!! .. sorry, i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

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