Home Alone: Armed Intruder Breaks In During Broad Daylight — Son Responds With Deadly Force Using Father’s Handgun

Concealed Nation – by James England

FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA — Police say the homeowner’s son saw an armed man tinkering with the garage door of the house around 3 pm.  The house is located in a relatively secluded cul-de-sac that doesn’t see a lot of through traffic.  Without hesitation, the son went upstairs and got his father’s handgun.  The armed burglar, by this time, had abandoned trying to break in through the garage and broke in through the back door instead.  The son then placed four shots into the intruder.  

According to WSBTV, the intruder was transported to the hospital in critical condition and the son was taken into police custody.  No formal charges are pending but police are still trying to ascertain all of the details.

Police acknowledged they’ve taken the son down to the station more as a way of getting him away from the scene of the incident.  According to WSBTV’s news report, Lt. Mile Whitlow of the Fayetteville Police Department described the boy as “pretty shaken up” and the police are focusing on simply trying to reconstruct the scene to get a better understanding of why the intruder was there and what his motivations were.

This is certainly a very harrowing story.  Each day, plenty of children return home and hang out unattended until parents arrive later from work.  The thought of an armed intruder trying to break in – even in a good area of Fayetteville like this – weighs heavily on a lot of parents’ minds.  Thankfully, the son was able to respond quickly and effect judicious shooting on behalf of the home.  There’s no way of knowing what the intruder’s motivations are because he’s currently unable to speak and his recovery is uncertain at this time.


16 thoughts on “Home Alone: Armed Intruder Breaks In During Broad Daylight — Son Responds With Deadly Force Using Father’s Handgun

  1. Well,the son either very lucky or dad/someone taught the son how to shoot,hope it was taught well but either way a happy ending.I do hope the young man who is understandably shaken gets any help he needs dealing with taking a life and realising especially as thief was armed he saved his own and perhaps other folks lives thru his actions,kudos to the young man.

  2. Will someone buy that boy a bigger clip with instructions to keep pulling the trigger until empty. It’s what cops do. Only “chicken$hit” cops empty their guns on unarmed people, this guy was armed and deserved the whole clip. What do you think his intentions were? There’s a difference between robbery and armed robbery.

  3. Now if it was in Calif. where they just passed the law that your weapon had to be in a safe, plus have a trigger lock, that poor kid would be dead.

  4. Dogs. They need dogs. One of the best early warning systems possible.

    “The son then placed four shots into the intruder. ”

    No (first) name or mention of any family members – must be a minor.
    Now they grill him at the cop house.

    1. No, probably not, this is a pretty conservative town about 40 minutes south of Atlanta. Most of the kids around there grow up knowing how to use firearms. There is a large portion around the town that’s just a bedroom community, but there are still plenty of folks who have grown up right there.

      I suspect the kid was taught how to use his dad’s weapon. So when the cops say they took the kid to the station to get him away from the scene and help him clear his mind, very likely in this town, that’s just what they did. I can’t guarantee it, but it’s very likely.

    2. Can’t beat a half dozen or so geese for a warning system. Edible, too.

      Not so with dogs (unless you’re Asian).

      1. LOL! I was up to my brother’s lodge this past weekend and let the dogs out in the morning to hundreds of Canadian Honkers in the field down yonder. Needless to say, everyone was up after the half hour of constant goose honking. Thornapple Flowage, bass up the arse, walleye occasionally, and redhorse if you fish close to the shallows.

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