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  1. I am sorry to be off topic again, but you all seem to put up with me now and then…thanks…
    I got an email from Rand Paul for donations…I wrote back and said basically,
    “I would give your dad a few bucks maybe, but I think you should go to israel and ask them for money, since you support them and all the havoc they create” etc…I told him that I trust your dad, but I dont trust you, that you are a sell out, and enjoy living in israel ya frick” I didnt say it that way, but you get the point.

  2. Wow!

    The copper rounds would just tumble (no telling what they’d do to the barrel), but they’d likely shred anything in their path, depending on the load.

  3. The bullets would just tumble. Not a good round. You want to hurt a person. Get some old lead pipe. Cut in strips, roll into the shape of the quarters and stack them up in the shell. Let them unroll one fired for close range work. Kind of wrap around a person and cut some. For that jagged round. Take steel shot turn upside down in a pan and soak in salt water over night. This will cause the steel shot to corode together. Jagged stuff to be hit with but a wild spread.

  4. Home made self defense round will just get you prison time for murder. The DA will say that you shot just to test the fire power of the bullet. Learn that from JPFO and LFI

  5. One of my favorite rounds is to use .22cal pellets.I always use a plastic wad in my loads to protect the barrel from damage. I stack them in a circle around the wad getting 6 to 8 and then three in the middle and three rows high, giving me around 33 pellets per load. It takes a steady hand (of which I don’t have) to stack them in but the end result for a close range load is great for home defense as they wont go through a wall. It is also a light round.

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