4 thoughts on “Homemade stevia

  1. Hey Joe. After reading this link it comes to the conclusion that Stevia is safe.
    please see their conclusion below.

    Our conclusion? At this point, there is no evidence to support the claim that Stevia can – or does – cause a decrease in fertility for either men or women. Stevia may be a very useful herb for women who have PCOS and are seeking an alternative to using sugar in their diets. In short it seems that most modern day research shows no evidence that Stevia will decrease your fertility or that it can be used for contraceptive purposes. While this all-natural sweetener appears safe for human conception, it is important to note that if you personally are worried that it could have an impact to your fertility it is best to avoid it. After all, the stress of wondering whether or not it is keeping you from getting pregnant could in itself impede conception. “

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