How a Navy SEAL Sets up his AR | Tactical Rifleman

Published on May 25, 2018

Hey Tactical Rifleman nation! This week on TR, I give you guys a quick tour around one of my AR setups.

Now, spoiler alert… nothing on my setup is going to really blow any skirts up. I have the usual SOP setup (optic, back-up irons, flashlight, etc.) But what I have found is some great products on the market these days that can really boost your AR performance. Things such as trigger upgrades, grips, flashlights, etc. can really step up your rifle game. For my active duty heroes, I know there is only so much you can do with your service rifle but maybe this video will help you pick out a sport rifle to train with and evolve your skills to the next level.

One thing I would like to point out on my setup is my new Ryker Grip. I was a little skeptical about this piece of kit but once I put some rounds downrange using this new grip, my mind was changed. The Ryker grip is one of the easiest and best upgrades I have made. I suggest you check out their product line and see for yourself. I found the target acquisition to be just a step quicker and easier on the shoulder for long days training on the range. As always, I hope this video helps you out and look forward to the comments and critique. Stay violent, my friends!!

10 thoughts on “How a Navy SEAL Sets up his AR | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Just my 2 cents

    what works for him, might not work for you

    set YOUR shit up the way it works for you , and leave all the ” the marines did it this way” shit to the guy that set his rifle up the way it worked for HIM

    references are nice , but not carved in stone able to think for yourself and do what works for you ..that is THE best set up you will ever have

  2. absolutely , i dig the new stuff

    no intention of throwing any shade on your post boss …is that how the kids say it these days ? “shade”?

    Id like a few more things on my AR but than it just gets full of shit that weighs it down , and half the time it dont even get used

    like a Bi-pod on a carbine ..come on ..a 16″ barreled carbine? really..?
    now a rifle length with bi-pod i can see , but a carbine ?

    1. Yeah, your right, I knew I’d catch hell with this post, just did it to show what the hell these guys are using, lots of candy and cream.

      I’d rather just throw a goddamn grenade myself. 🙂

  3. It would be an awkward retraining at best for anyone who has used guns all their lives.
    I have a certain way I grab a hold of my shotgun and fire it. I don’t know that it is like what anybody else does, but it is the way I have been doing it all my life and I’ve killed enough ducks and geese to put a void in the force, so I figure I am probably okay with a shotgun.
    I’ve carried and drew my pistol and fired it the same way all my life. When I was young and had a life and ammunition wasn’t so precious, I had been known to finish off a fifth of Yukon Jack, throw it up in the air with my left hand, pull the Super Black Hawk I used to carry back then, not every time, but every once in a while when I was drunk enough, and nail it plumb center. I’m comfortable with my pistol.
    I’ve been carrying rifles since I was six years old and learned the value of a scope at a very young age. I grab it and throw it up, I’m not looking for the target because it is right in the middle of the scope. All I have to do is put the cross hair where I want it and pull the trigger.
    I’m sure there are some systematic tactical advantages for these fellas developed from the time they have spent with their rifles in different situations, but every situation is different. If I was somebody that was just learning, I would explore the best techniques available and choose from that which felt the most comfortable and natural for me, and of course accomplished the desired effect.
    I think this old dog is beyond new tricks, but I’m all for learning.

    1. I’d like to throw Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer up into the air, plug them dead center, 🙂 with one bullet!

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