1. Wow!! But does she know about Mossad?

    And more importantly, does she know about The Bill of Rights?

    Hypothetical questions I may have to look into.


  2. The plan to overthrow humanity began over 100 years ago with the eugenics, progressive democrats and Marxists. It has been steady until we elected Pres. Trump and their entire psyche and nervous systems suffered a massive shock and those treasonous ratbastards came back full force.

    1. Hey, your first comment made sense. With the second comment, you shit all over any sense you might have made prior.
      You are a stupid f-king moron. You are dumber than dirt. You are a Trumptard extraordinaire. He’s the f-ker that brought you the shot. He’s the f-ker who lied to you when he said he was going to remove every illegal. He’s the f-ker who committed two acts of treason in pretending he had the authority to back red flag laws federally and ban your bump stocks, not only without authority but in violation of our law.
      If you had a brain you’d take the mother f-ker out and play with it.
      They all shit through the same hole. They all want to destroy we the people and our absolute unalienable law of December 15, 1791.
      You join with them to the smallest degree and you are a f-king traitor, a criminal, and an enemy combatant.
      Shove the false left right paradigm right up your stupid f-king ass.

      1. My Friend, Henry Shively, who teaches with the force of the language of righteous indignation! He knows the Law that his ancestors laid down, for the Land. For the People, not the Corporation. I am learning it. It’s worth it. Coming from the Canadian side of this fight for the Truth and the Law of the Land, as free, sovereign individuals, we know our enemy. We know our jurisdiction. It goes right back to The Bill of Rights, 1791. The Law of the Land. For We, the People.

  3. Not just “our government.” It’s the criminal psycho elites the world over (including Vatican, which murdered one of it’s own Popes–John Paul 1, and royal families worldwide, and of course, the Syn of Sat if you know what I mean). Just another reason I write the fiction I write (see ads at side).

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