How Far will the International Elite go to Stop the Revolution and Preserve the Status Quo?

Newt Gingrich broke down in tears on Friday in an effort to enact the Hilary Clinton cry strategy in order to put a halt to his fall in the polls.  I guess this little act was designed to make him seem more human.  I say “act” because this is essentially what it was.  It is common knowledge that the student in acting school is taught the technique of bringing up an old painful memory in order to induce tears on cue.  Though the emotion is real, the assertion is ingenuine.  (Newt was probably thinking about his fall in the polls, rather than his mother.)

I think everyone knows by now that the mainstream candidates employ acting coaches as a status quo course of action.  And as the people have become aware of this situation, the genuine honesty of Dr. Ron Paul shines as does the truth in his words.  I think at this point in the game the majority of those who have recently become awakened to the lie of the false left-right paradigm are saying to themselves, “Thank God for Ron Paul.  He is the only chance this country has.”  In that being the reality, this fight is just heating up.

On Tuesday the people of Iowa are going to come forth in overwhelming numbers to endorse Dr. Paul for the GOP ticket.  I think the plans for one of the grossest, in-your-face episodes of voter fraud are in the works.  It is going to get very interesting.

As determined as the corporate elitists are to stealing this election, the people are more determined that they will not.  I think the people are going to prevail and when they do the elitists are going to start formulating even more diabolical plans to stop Dr. Paul and the revolution.  Anyone wondering just how far the elitists will go to preserve the status quo of unlimited theft without consequence should look back to the assassination of JFK.

President Kennedy attempted to do the same thing that Dr. Paul is saying he will do when he becomes our next president, and that is turn the wealth and power of our country back over to we the people.  No matter what anyone says, President Kennedy was murdered by the international corporate mafia because he issued Executive Order 11110, effectively creating a US currency that the Federal Reserve toilet paper would never be able to compete with because the money was real and backed by tangible wealth.  Had President Kennedy lived, not only the Federal Reserve, but the FBI and CIA would have been eliminated as the cancer they had become upon the people’s freedoms and liberties.

I hear a cry throughout the land, “If the international corporate Mafioso hurt our brother Dr. Paul in any way, it will be war and we will wipe every one of them from the face of the earth.”  This being said, throwing the United States into a world war might be the preferable option for the international elite.

The elitists have already poised our military in the Strait of Hormuz, and though it is being reported in the media that the United States has given Israel the go ahead for an attack on Iran, the truth is it is the Israelis who have handed down the orders through their agents inside our government.

The Iranians do not represent any kind of threat to the United States, and even if they did there is no way any threat exists that could not be put on the back burner until after the 2012 elections.  No one should forget the urgency with which the lie of an Iraqi nuclear threat was put forth by the Bush Administration in order to precipitate the 2003 invasion of that country.

If the insurgents in our government perpetrate another false flag event through the US CIA and Israeli Mossad, we the people must come forth and assert with one voice, “NO!”  The revolution is not going to be stopped through a duplicitous act.  We are not going into a third world war so that the elite can preserve the status quo.

All we have to do is keep these scum bags at bay for one more year and we will have completely turned the tables on them.  The Republic will belong to the people again.  The Constitution will be the law of the land again.  And of course the prosecutions can then begin.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

Happy New Year From the Trenches!

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