HR 1540 – S 1867 National Defense Authorization Act Signed in the Middle of the Night, Obama Now Officially a Military Dictator

ALERT! Just before midnight December 31, 2011, Barack Hussein Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, nullifying the people’s Bill of Rights and establishing a totalitarian, soviet style, military dictatorship.  The document is a signed declaration of war against we the people of the United States.

The insurgents within our government have just put a legislative coup into action to be followed by a military coup and enslavement of we the people.  I think we can expect to see attempts at gun confiscation which will lead to conflict between the insurgents and the American people.

Obama put forth a signing statement saying his Administration will not enforce the indefinite secret detention provisions contained in the treasonous legislation.  But then again he said prior to the passage of the legislation that he would not sign it.  This man is diabolical and a liar.

In leaving the legislation at the discretion of the president, it can be selectively enforced by the president.  Is this not the definition of a dictatorship?  When Barack Hussein Obama took the Oath of Office he swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  In signing the National Defense Authorization Act, he has removed the people’s rights from that document.  This is high treason, and as Obama is studied in Constitutional law, the act was perpetrated with malice and forethought.

Every person who does not own a firearm had better get one ASAP and all the ammunition that can be afforded.  Our Constitution has been subverted in the name of safety and now it is the reality that the only protection the citizen has against the tyrannical military insurgents within our own government is that which we can provide for ourselves.

It is a dark day in the United States of America this first day of January, 2012 and no one of us is safe in our homes or on our streets.  We take it back now or become slaves.

I hope everyone realizes that Obama now possesses the power to declare Ron Paul a threat to national security and make him disappear.

Our founding fathers are screaming out from their graves, and the cry is a single word, “REVOLUTION!

God bless our Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “HR 1540 – S 1867 National Defense Authorization Act Signed in the Middle of the Night, Obama Now Officially a Military Dictator

  1. Some people still do not understand just how dangerous this legislation is! Maybe when the government starts rounding them up into FEMA camps “for their protection” they’ll get a clue!

  2. It will suddenly occur to them that they weren’t paying enough attention! This President is sneeky, slimey & low down, just like an attorney who works for The Mob! The corruption in this government is clear for anyone to see who is willing to open their eyes! Who wants this Snake Oil Salesman for another 4 years???

  3. We can NOT advocate violence as the solvent to our oppression. The US government is curently marking Patriots as Violent Extremists and Domestic Terrorists. These accusations can only be made possible when persons who believe in freedom advocate in the armed protection of it. I know our founding fathers fought in the Revolution for our liberties. I know that the threat is a great one and that being prepared is something that we must all do. But having our last words be ones of violence can shine no positive light on the movement and will do us no good in not only defending our cause as ultimatly a humanistic one but as well it will hinder much of our ability to awaken persons from the other side of the political spectrum.
    Persons in fear will do little for the man with guns being dragged away to a FEMA camp after they launch a false flag attack and blame it on the patriot movement. But when we make it evident that we are ultimatly for peace, any false flag will be greeted with suspicion by the public which is what we ultimatly aim to receive from the public; awakening to the disinformation. Most importantly, none will stand idly by as persons who advocate peace are dragged away to detention centers.
    What is more important. Buying guns or waking people up. The NWO murders. We need to be bigger than that. We are bigger than that.

    1. Peace,
      So when they come to haul our neighbors away what are we supposed to do? Stick a flower in the barrel of their guns? And what if they just come to take our guns? I mean, they are not killing us, should we just hand them over?
      Our forefathers were hanging tax collectors and tarring and feathering the King’s officials and running them out of town on a rail long before Lexington and Concord.
      Tell me my friend, just how do you peacefully put down a tyrant?

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