How stupid are you? Take this simple quiz:

1. Are you still waiting for the mainstream media to start telling the truth?

2. Do you think that protesting brings about change to bad policies?

3. Do you think that tougher gun laws prevent crime and violence?

4. Do you believe that filing lawsuits will bring about justice?

5. Are you supporting a political candidate that will help fix this country?  

6. Do you think the police are protecting you?

7. Did you donate money to Alex Jones?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions it’s because you’re an idiot, so I’ll make the answers as simple as possible.

1. The “mainstream media”, is pure propaganda, and only exists for the purpose of deceiving, distracting, and manipulating the U.S. population. It’s important to realize that it’s entirely owned by the same political organization (international Zionism) that’s presently working to destroy our nation, because only then will you be able to understand how you’ve been conditioned to accept many falsehoods as reality, and adopt certain political beliefs that are detrimental to your own best interests. The Zionists are trying to end the United States as we know it, as part of a larger plan to dominate and control the world (their “New World Order”), and this of course, requires that Americans be throughly deceived about the true objectives and machinations of their government. They only report important news when they can no longer conceal it, because retaining credibility is essential to preserving their influence over the population, but even when they do report important news, they’re usually lying about several key aspects of any story so they can hide the guilt and complicity of their co-conspirators.

2. Protesting is beneficial to our cause because it shows passers-by that a movement exists that’s fighting for a cause they may be interested in, but that’s all it does. It’s a recruitment tool that may help others to find and join our battle, but our criminal government is not going to change any of their policies because people are protesting. While this technique may have been novel and effective in the 1960’s, our present government doesn’t tolerate it, and only sees protesters as uppity serfs that need to be gassed, jailed, abused, and beaten into submission. The only recent protesters who haven’t been treated this way are the open-carry advocates, who “protest” while heavily armed. That fact should tell you a lot about how far our nation has slipped into a total dictatorship, and what you’ll need if you expect anyone in our government to listen to you.

3. Gun control mythology has been proven false too many times to count, in all parts of the world, and throughout ions of time. Anyone who leaves themselves defenseless invites crime, and encourages crime. Any population that’s disarmed always loses their freedom, and they’re usually subjected to wholesale slaughter as well. This is such a constant throughout history that it wouldn’t even have to be discussed if not for the decades of conditioning that Americans have been subjected to via the Zionist media. Yes, the people who are trying to kill you would rather you be disarmed. Is that really a surprise?

Between the Hollywood-style hoaxes (Sandy Hook), the fraudulent “poll results”, and endless propaganda, you would think that Americans would become suspicious of any group that works so hard to disarm them, but their conditioned faith in their criminal government always allows them to believe it’s in their best interests. I’ve discovered that many humans want very little to do with the truth, but instead prefer to believe what makes them comfortable, so any plausible excuse on the part of our government will usually do, because they DON’T want to accept the fact that their own government is attacking them.

4. Our court system, aside from it being a private enterprise that’s completely divorced from constitutional requirements, is a private clique of lawyers who are much more interested in conducting profitable business than guilt, innocence, or justice. They exist to extract wealth from the population, and funnel as many as possible into the prison-slave system. Their business success requires that they appear to be working in the interests of their clients and the public, so just as the “news” industry is forced to reveal some truth, the courts have to dispense some justice to retain credibility. You can file your lawsuit, but if it touches on any illegality that might spoil their game, you’ll be run around in circles for years until it’s finally tossed out.

5. The elections are rigged, and that’s been proven a decade ago. You really have to be a die-hard moron to stand in that line believing that your vote does anything at all, except make you believe that you have a say in our government. And just in case the rigged voting machines don’t work and there’s some need for an honest election, neither candidate would be in the race unless they were completely controlled by A.I.P.A.C. anyway. They’re not even allowed in the race unless they’re working against the American people, but their job is to convince you otherwise. Most politicians are sexual deviants who were chosen for their ability to be blackmailed over their perversions, and this keeps them doing as they’re told. They care nothing for their constituents or what they want. Our entire election process is little more than a dog-and-pony show that allows you to believe that you have a voice, and remain silent for another four years. If you vote, or support any of the candidates, you’ve moved up from “idiot” and achieved “useful idiot” status, and if you watch TV, you’re probably proud of it.

6. The police are nothing more than a state-sanctioned gang of thugs who exist to extract wealth from the population, keep them beaten into submission, and that’s in the best of times. Today’s cops were chosen for their ability to be brutal, heartless, and violent, and their inability to do any deep thinking about it. They’re absolutely useless for fighting crime because they only show up long after the crime has been committed, and the perpetrator has fled the scene. The “drug busts” they arrange are purely for the purpose of generating revenue, and they’ll never stop a robbery, car-jacking, home invasion, or any other crime you may fall victim to. They protect nothing but the interests of rich people, and only see you as a potential victim of their crimes, which can include robbery, murder, or sexual assault. In reality, you’re ultimately left to defend yourself from crime, and possibly from criminal cops too, and fantasies involving police coming to the rescue are for idiots who’ve been conditioned by the television to believe such nonsense.

7. Alex Jones is one of many Zionist shills in the “alternative news” who pretends to be exposing the truth, but just like the “mainstream news”, he’ll conceal or lie about the most important aspects of any story, usually to protect his Zionist masters by putting the blame for their crimes on some other person or group. As Goebbels once said, “good propaganda is ninety percent truth”, so you’ll run across a lot of “truth-seekers” or “activists” who have websites that appear to be revealing what Americans don’t know, but are actually helping to deceive them. The usual identifier of these false-opposition sites is that they refuse to blame Israel, or the Zionists for anything, when in fact, that’s exactly who you’ll find out is behind all of our problems once you do some digging. If you can spare a little sorely-needed funding to help get the truth out, you should help people who are actually telling the truth. The folks at Liberty Tree Radio are the ONLY people in broadcasting today that are willing to discuss the WHOLE truth, and they can use a little help right now. They also happen to be the best source of current, important information, and political discussion. (if war breaks out somewhere in the nation, LTR will be the first to inform you, so help keep ’em on the air)

So in quick review, our nation has arrived at a situation where the media is deceiving them, voting counts for nothing, there’s no way to petition our government for a redress of grievances, our police have become brutal, murderous overlords, and a treasonous president has opened the border, allowing tens of thousands of violent gang members into the country, on top of the 36,000 violent alien criminals he released a few weeks ago. We’re obviously being set up to be victimized by a state-sanctioned crime wave, and it would be incredibly stupid to believe that the police will play any part in protecting you from it.

So with all of our constitutional rights being systematically destroyed by politicians who ignore us, police robbing and killing us, courts mocking our complaints, our border being opened to a crime wave, and no way to vote for anyone who’ll fix these problems, please tell me what realistic solutions are available to patriotic Americans?

I certainly don’t want violence, or war with anyone, but I do understand that I’m not being given a choice in the matter. People don’t join militias because they’re “gun nuts” or war enthusiasts. They belong to militias because they have a realistic understanding of the sad state of our union, and they see that we’ve been left no other options if we want to survive as individuals, or as a nation. The old “united we stand, divided we fall” axiom has never been truer, nor more relevant than it is today.

And it’s no exaggeration to say that the survival of America, and our Bill of Rights, is of grave importance to all of humanity, from now through eternity. The bankers’ (Zionist’s) only offer is slavery for a few, and death to all others. Stop dreaming. When you pinch yourself you’ll awaken in the nightmare that reality has become, but if you sleep through it, you’ll never wake up at all. For everybody’s sake, it’s time you awakened completely, and climbed aboard the only train that’s headed toward a real solution, however scary it may be.

Now I know there are a lot of intelligent people who answered “yes” to one or more of those questions, but I think that calling you an “idiot” is a lot nicer than calling you a coward for being too afraid to accept the truth, and deal with it. The cognitive dissonance that keeps you in denial of our dire situation is what keeps you clinging to a hope that there’s a peaceful solution to being attacked (there isn’t). That fear, unfortunately, is the real reason why most people seem to be incapable of following the facts to their only logical conclusion, but that fear also has many of the same symptoms as idiocy, so if the shoe fits….. —Jolly Roger

“Stupid is as stupid does” – Ma Gump (Forrest Gump’s Mother

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28 thoughts on “How stupid are you? Take this simple quiz:

  1. Very well put JR. Clear and concise. I have difficulty even being in the same room for any period of time with those who do answer yes to any of the questions as it is clear they are not playing with a full deck!

  2. That’s so cool JR, its great to be with of “critical thinking” people. This will make a good flyer.

  3. So, we find ourselves in a geographical land mass called the United States, that operates as a corporation, under corporate charter, ignoring the law of nations and rule of law and its own Constitution; in which the people are ruled over by liars(politicians), cheats (bureaucrats/employees)and frauds(bankers) dedicated to the proposition that all men are chattle/slaves, who are not allowed to know liberty, let alone exercise it; cannot enjoy peaceful ownership of property, any unalienable rights, except those contracted though gov’t, are subject to constant harassment, false religion, propaganda and lies, mind-controlled entertainment; abortion/feminism/homosexual indictrination and from which there is no escape other than death. Sounds like a place patterned after satan’s hell.

    So when do we have the battle of Armegeddon and throw off these satanists?

  4. Good one, Jolly! Then again if you answered “yes” knowing these things would never happen I’d say your a cynic, not an idiot.

    Since I know the MSM will never tell the truth I don’t pay any attention to it.
    Since I know protesting is a waste of time I won’t get involved in it.
    Since I know gun rights a paramount to all other rights gun control is slavery.
    Since law suits are a waste of not only time but money and promote the notion of enabling scumbags aka lawyers, no way Jose!
    Vote? Are you kidding me?
    Police? thank you God for not having cops out here! Only thing lower than cops are lawyers and politicians (and psychopaths in general…but I repeat myself!)
    Alex Jones? Even saying “yes” knowing it’ll never happen in this case proves you’re an idiot!

    As for the “protest” at the Bundy Ranch, it was not exactly a protest. It was an assertion of Private Property Rights as well as The Right to Bear Arms and the Right to Freedom of Speech. Defending your rights and “protesting” are two different things.

  5. ok ok…I did buy some nacent iodine from AJ, and some heirloom seeds, but never donated. So maybe I’m ok? 🙂
    As far as AJ, I know he backsteps in regards to zionist israel, and he has his reasons I suppose, maybe its because he thinks his way of doing things is best overall to get the truth out….So many people second guess but never walk a mile in the other persons shoes..but AJ has people on his show that speak very clearly about it. Sometimes I wonder if websites/webmasters put down others who are more famous out of jealousy, or use a persons name who is more famous so that they get more hits to their website? I KNOW it is done, just not sure to what extent…Put down Alex Jones and you come up first on website search engines etc….I dont know anything, just trying to learn.

    1. Just what are you suggesting here, hweinhard?
      Alex Jones attacked the Hutaree Militia when they were ambushed and taken to jail. He called them ‘buck toothed hillbillies’ and said every militia was infiltrated by the FBI. He also told us to not resist the communists when they rape our wives, but make sure we get good footage of the act to send him.
      No one has whored this tragedy more than Alex Jones and if you think you are going to come on this site and say that those telling the truth about him are just doing so as slander to get more hits, you are sorely mistaken.
      F#@k Alex Jones. Is that clear enough for you? And that goes the same whether I have a website, a broadcast, or nothing at all.

      1. did you ever see the video, #1, where he bull horns over the people hosting a protest that AJ showed up late to?

        I already didnt care for him but that event at the end the fed rally(i think) was disgusting and iv never even read a word of his BS since.

        1. To be perfectly honest, NTB, when I first began researching the NWO, I used to frequent Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Drudge Report, WRH, and a few others that never see the light of day on my computer anymore. I even have 3 or 4 of AJ’s videos. Endgame & Terrorstorm are two that have some good info. I even made a number of copies of both for friends. BUT… he never ONCE mentions the Zionist jews in ANY of his dvds that I’ve seen. If he’s such the terrific researcher that he purports himself to be, THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL HE COULD NOT KNOW THIS!!!

          However, as my research progressed, I felt a growing certainty that I wasn’t getting the whole picture from AJ. I eventually came across an outstanding site (Powerofprophecy) run by a Texas pastor – Texe Marrs, one of the top researchers on the scumbag Zionist jews that I know of. He’s been doing this for around 30 years or so, and he’s got those sub-human sleazeballs down to a T.

          Then, when the Stratfor e-mail scandal broke, I knew my suspicions about AJ were justified.

          ESPECIALLY once I found out his wifey’s a JEW. That makes his brats jews too.

          1. btw, I never could stand to listen to his rants. He has an obnoxiously nasal bellow that irritates the snot out of me.

            Conversely, I can listen to Henry rant all day long. 🙂

          1. True, Angel, but that was when I first started posting articles. I wasn’t savvy enough to check the links, which led back to his sites, unfortunately. Once I started catching flak for it, I wised up in a hurry. 😉

          2. 🙂 😉 🙂
            I was jut kid’n with ya. I Know you’ve “wised up.” LOL

    2. I found cal-ben pure soap from AJ. I love that soap. Never linked via his page though. Also found some really good references via his links.

      As for the rest…
      AJ can rot on a rope for all I care. Iv caught him in more lies than I can remember. For the most part he makes up stories and then you find his own people are the references.

      From what I can tell the fastest way to piss off a webmaster is to imply he uses/may use AJ bashing as a way to get web presence.

  6. nottobitter: If it wasnt for AJ there would have been no protest….He advertised it over his radio show prior to the event..I am not saying he is not a beligerant asshole sometimes, just that if he would not have advertised on his show, maybe 3 people would have actually showed up…And, go to youtube and type in “alex jones and the militia”….him and several different guests strongly support the militia…All AJ does tho is to make people aware of infiltrators..
    I am so tired of the dis-info about AJ…yes he sucks ok? But not because of what people say about him…Today he took calls about israel and palestine and let people talk support of palestinians…He confirmed that the zionists that controlled hitler birthed israel and that it is nothing more than a strategic military base for the zionist regime….they talked about the churches who support israel and how stupid those churches are..
    And my apologies suggestingHenry would use this to get more hits…That is not what I meant, but I am positive many do…This is simply a debate, I thought that is what comment sections were for.
    When I post, I will not call names, I will give my thoughts on a subject and if I am wrong, then I am open to correction. What I would like to see is proof that AJ called the militia buck toothed hillbillies…I do not mind having to put my foot in my mouth, I learn sometimes by making mistakes.

    1. Either Alex Jones said what I told you he said, or I am a lying son of a bitch. Or maybe you think you can task me just to see if you can make me go look it up for you.
      If you don’t believe me and want to hear what Alex Jones said, go back to the day Hutaree was taken and the day after and listen to his archives.

    2. “Today he took calls about israel and palestine and let people talk support of palestinians…”

      “and let people”
      mighty white of him.

      its all good hweinhard. i dont really give a sh!t if you like him or
      some people collect stamps.

  7. Ya know, before I found the truth on this site I ran into some of aj’s rants among others. He was obviously not genuine to me. I have read this site (fttwr) for about 3 years now, and feel it is the most compatible to me, because genuineness is important. I despise theatrics. When it comes to true passion for the truth, I don’t know of any other sight even close to this one.

    That said. I want to encourage everyone who frequents here, to contribute to Liberty Tree Radio. even if it’s just $5.00. These people are doing all who come here an invaluable service.

    God bless you Henry, Sondra, J.D., Liberty tree radio, and all of you behind the scenes that I am not aware of. You are making a difference. Never forget that. I pray for you all every day.

  8. I’m on the road all day long and listen to radio shows via telephone numbers. Typicially I listen to RBN but I also listen to truth frequency, LRN, and a few others….including calling into Henrys show and listening on the confrence call number. Is there a phone number(s) that I can call and listen to liberty tree radio? Although I actually enjoy listening to RBN I have a feeling LTR is much more in line with what my 5+ years of extensive research has taught me. For the record I love this website!

    1. Kevin,
      The number you listen to me on, 712-432-0900 – 957464# is the Liberty Tree call and listen line. If you call that number any time during the broadcast day, you will be listening to the program that is running. Live broadcast starts at 11 am Pacific with Hammering the New World Order, Spike Timmon’s broadcast. Followed by The Word From the Trenches from 12 to 2 Pacific, followed by The Intelligence Report with Mark Koernke and Donald Boettcher from 2 to 4 pm Pacific, and then again from 5 to 6 Pacific. The hour between the afternoon Intelligence Report and the evening Intelligence Report features: Monday – Machine Gun Randy with a veteran’s hour, Tuesday – my patriot brother Joe from the Carolinas with Grow your Own a Budding Revolution, which in my opinion is the best gardening show on the air as Joe will teach you how to create a natural garden that can double as a defense grid, Wednesday – is Craig, I don’t like Craig, Thursday is our own Paraclete/Pastor Brooks Conner with the Liberty Bible Hour, the best faith based militia hour on the radio, and then Friday we have the Militia Town Hall Meeting hosted by Ed wherein on most occasions all the broadcasters show up and we open the call in line to any discussion, my favorite hour I do for the week as it is always interesting and most times down right fun. I’m not sure of the programming on the weekends, but you can find that scheduling on
      Thanks for listening and thanks twice for the input you provide.

  9. That I answered ‘no’ to all the questions is the reason I’m here, I guess.

    As far as Alex Jones?

    Yes, he IS a shill, but he does serve a purpose, regardless if it is ‘by distraction’, or whatever, he does get some others to take notice of events rather than turning on MSNBC or CNN.

    What I find so humorous?

    Anytime I’m on some website like Craigslist or something, ANYONE who uses the term ‘conspiracy theory’ ALWAYS links it to someone who listens to AJ.

    I tell them that their grasp of the real truth is SO limited, that they think those seeking truth would even go to AJ?

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