How Suze Orman SCAMMED the World (2016)

Published on Jan 4, 2016 by Creative Service for the Public Good

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A citizen journalism work of public service.

How many con artists are allowed to blast through the media landscape, telling blatantly false lies and getting some of the top journalists and media figures in the United States to knowingly or unknowingly con and steal from the public on their behalf?

In this exposé, you will see why Suze Orman’s name should go down in history right next to Bernie Madoff’s, except that while Madoff plundered the wealthy, Orman has slopped up and stolen a fortune directly from the pockets of the poor and middle class for the past fifteen-plus years. Sponsored and protected by corporations, banks, and billionaires and propped up by ghostwriters and behind-the-scenes experts, Suze Orman’s scams, shams and shenanigans have caused serious damage to many lives and to the economy of the United States of America.

Simply produced by a crew of one with a budget of $0, this documentary film and adjunct multimedia presentation at http:/ are a stunning study of the kind of media and political webs of dishonesty and corruption that have fooled the public, rigged the system, and damaged our world. You will see Suze Orman committing financial misdeeds, including well-documented fraud throughout the media landscape that would have landed anyone else in prison.

If you didn’t know any of this was going on, then prepare to watch an eye-opening film.

The intention of this exposé and the adjunct documentation at (including 2016 updates) is to educate the public, stop Orman’s scams, and to present an abundance of evidence for journalists and government agencies entrusted with protecting the public good to take matters from here and bring forth justice and restitution to victims of Suze Orman’s scams, shams, and shenanigans. (see examples of those victims in this graphic:


Oprah Winfrey
George Stephanopoulos
Arianna Huffington
Anderson Cooper
Juju Chang
Barbara Walters
Whoopi Goldberg
John King
Piers Morgan
Ali Velshi
Tavis Smiley
Larry King
Nate Berkus
Richard Cordray, CFPB
Hilary Rosen
Marlo Thomas
FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair
NCLR President Janet Murguia
OWN network
University of Phoenix
Money Navigator Newsletter
“The Talk”
“The View”
Michael Moore
Moira Forbes
Steve Forbes
Jack Welch
Sherry Shepherd
Oprah Show Producer Sherri Salata
Wendy Williams
And Senator Elizabeth Warren

With thanks to those who spoke truth:

Gerri Willis
John Ultzheimer
Chris Cuomo
Greg McBride
Eric Tyson
Clark Howard
Jason Zweig
David Halperin
And many other financial journalists and bloggers

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