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  1. Agreed. And that’s the difference between “good guys” and “bad guys.” The latter category includes common criminals AND the mercenary enforcers of “our” tyrannical government.

    Just remember to practice hard and often with that pistol, folks. Regular hits on paper plates at 50 yards should be your standard. And try to keep at least two identical pistols: a “high mileage” one for practice and backup, and another reserved for serious use once you know it’s reliable.

        1. Now you’re talking!

          I mostly shoot 9mm and .45, but a big revolver is an awesome tool. Even with a scope you still have something a lot more concealable than a rifle, and it can reach pretty damn far out there.

      1. Good idea! And golf balls are small enough to be challenging even at fairly close range.

        I think a lot of people underestimate not only how accurate their guns and ammo are, but how accurate THEY can become. Personally, it took me years of practice before I fully understood how important it is to have a consistent grip and trigger pull. “Muscle memory” plays a huge role in shooting well, so repetition is important. It’s a lot like learning a musical instrument.

        1. Agreed, that’s why dry fire practice is key, I load snap caps into magazines every time I shoot to identify flinch and a trigger mash.

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