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Apr 24, 2020

With all the craziness in the world today, we are beginning to realize that we are only one or two elections away from possibly having to defend our freedoms. No matter what form this defense becomes, there are certain skills that everyone needs to having. Survival, marksmanship, and medical are a few of the skills that make everyone’s short-list. However, even if you are fully self-sustaining (few are), you are going to need to be able to keep certain “valuables” squirreled away from those that would take your stuff. This bring us to this week’s video on How to make a Cache.
So, I did a quick search on the web and, while there are many videos on gluing a PVC pipe together, no one has a good video on ALL the required sub-tasks. THey do NOT talk about Site Selection. They do not talk about you or, even harder, some other team member being able to FIND your Cache months or years later.
Randy “Rawhide” Wurst has taught “Caches” all over this fine little blue marble that you call Earth. So, I picked his brain to ensure I wasn’t missing any key details. I think that you will find that this video is long but informative. I hope you enjoy it.
Watch it a few times. Take notes. Then, get out there with a couple buddies. Have each of you make a Cache complete with Cache Report. Then, exchange data and see if the others can find your cache. It is this practice that will help hone your skills, so if the time ever comes, you wont be trying to make this up as you go along. Learn from OUR experiences. Knowledge is power, and Knowledge can often be your best tool.
Strength & Honor, TR

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