How to Stop Chemtrails and HAARP

Published on Mar 19, 2015 by The HAARP Report

This video explains exactly How, and Why, we must declassify, and get control of the weather warfare programs. Chemtrails, and Haarp, are being used to hide the runaway heating in the Arctic. The weather warfare programs must be de-classified, or the mass extinctions will spread and accelerate.

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This is a VERY important video, so please download it, forward it, and use the information. Be sure to watch my video “Chemtrails are Coal Ash”… , if you haven’t already. That video is basically a Part One, to this video.
If you don’t want to sit through the slide show, you can read all the slide bullet points, in the comment section, below.
Blessings to all, who will help in this mission!

4 thoughts on “How to Stop Chemtrails and HAARP

  1. If the Arctic is warming, why do aerial photos display more ice cover now than on the same dates in 2006?

    And if CO2 and other Greenhouse gasses cause global warming, how did CO2 and NO reflect 95% of solar radiation back into outer space, as observed in this NASA experiment? And why does this NASA video refer to CO2 as one of the two most efficient coolants in the atmosphere?

    Oh that’s right. Because some “tobacco scientist” said so after taking data from “computer models”, rather than raw data.

    If anything is causing warming in the polls, it’s HAARP. That’s what it does. It cooks the atmosphere.

  2. Using legal recourse to stop your premeditated murder in progress, paid for by you, is the high road but there really is only one way to stop it. Their actions prove what they will only respond to. Good post though Wade 🙂

  3. “The weather warfare programs must be de-classified,…”

    Only way THAT’S going to happen is at gunpoint.

    Or after the hangings.

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