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From the Publishers of the Professional Action Library:… | JEFF COOPER’S DEFENSIVE PISTOLCRAFT TAPE SERIES | with Jeff Cooper

The father of modern defensive pistolcraft, Jeff Cooper was renowned not only for his practical instruction on defensive weaponcraft and safety, but also for his groundbreaking ideas on defensive mental conditioning.

Originally produced in 1986, Jeff Cooper’s Defensive Pistolcraft Tape Series offers a unique look at the core concepts that are the foundation of the Modern Technique of Pistolcraft.

Volume 1: Defensive Pistol Handling covers Cooper’s five elements of practical shooting and the four safety rules of firearm use.

Volume 2: Pistol Readiness and Marksmanship offers the viewer instruction in making your pistol ready for defensive use, dry-firing and shooting positions. This volume also features Louis Awerbuck teaching loading techniques, malfunction clearance and “reading your target.”

Volume 3: Mindset is perhaps the most important of the four volumes. In it Jeff Cooper discusses the “problem of doing it,” defines the “color code system” and discusses the conditions of firearm readiness.

Volume 4: Ammo: Power of the Pistol covers pistol caliber, ammunition choice and stopping power.

Paladin Press is proud to offer this historic four-volume series in a single collection on DVD.

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