Huge 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle – For Finland!

Published on Apr 7, 2014 by TAOFLEDERMAUS

Demonstration of a Finnish Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle.
We were able to set up and film this gun a way from the machine gun shoot. The owner of the gun, Kenton Tucker- who also puts on the shoot was extremely generous to let us do this. We actually found a real Finnish guy who came to the shoot and much to his amazement, was given a chance to fire the gun.

Filmed at the Big Sandy Machine Gun shoot, April, 2014 and Arizona.

We will be posting some more, detailed information on this gun in another video.

7 thoughts on “Huge 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle – For Finland!

    1. I wish I did. This thing is out of my price range. Ammo probably costs an once of gold. Everyone should have one though. DHS would think twice about invading our homes then.

  1. Why did this fool announce to the world that he had a rifle that would penetrate the shell of a MRAP?

    Before the 1968 gun control act, you could buy these cheap.
    Read “Unintended Consequences”.

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