7 thoughts on “Humble Pie – 30 Days In The Hole

  1. yes, now what they gonna do about it – 40 + later Grrr 😉 thirty days in the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PAY BACKS ARE A MOTHER !!!!!!

  2. Yea over 40 years later and I am still coming to get you bastards and I will not stop till I get you fu^kers, ya`ll better watch your backs you co*k suckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. and I told you about the walrus but he was paul..told you about Steppenwolf and his byrds…well I do remember after those two fcc expeditions into banning the right to listen to certain songs..well on pies lp..the whole song was re-edited and cut to pieces…only this version was allowed to be played on fm stations..black napalese has got you weak in the knees..shine on brightly people..the live fillmore cd..one of thee best recorded rock cds ever…but whos still on first…

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