Hundreds March In Downtown LA To Support Immigrant Rights

CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — Immigration-reform advocates packed the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Monday, urging political leaders and the public to have compassion in dealing with immigrants who have illegally entered the United States.

KCAL9′s Adrianna Weingold reports hundreds marched outside the Federal Building, pushing for immigration reform, immigrants rights and safe passage for children seeking refuge.  

“It’s about the fact that we’re obviously seeing an incredible influx in these Central American kids coming to the United States, escaping the severe violence and poverty in Central America and not receiving their due protection and their due process under the law here in the United States,” said Federico Bustamante, Program Director of Casa Libre Youth Shelter.

Even immigrant children, one as young as 9, spoke out.

Julia says she represents the children crossing the border and asked people around the world for compassion.

“Children are human and deserve to have their family around them,” she said.

Meanwhile in San Diego, another flight from the Texas-Mexico border arrived carrying immigrants. Buses then took them to San Ysidro.

In Murrieta, border patrol agents watched as protesters waited for the buses loaded with immigrants, which never came.

“We need to close the borders and we need to give them a path if they want to get here legally, just like every other immigrant that’s entered this country and has had the privilege of living here,” one protester said.

But in downtown L.A., it remained a different story.

Crowds in favor of immigration and in favor of protecting immigrants say many children crossing the border are fleeing violence and corruption from gangs and organized crime.

Dr. Leisy Abrego, a professor at UCLA and an immigrant herself, said many children have no choice but to run away. But she believes many are being unfairly treated once they reach the U.S.

“It’s heartbreaking to see that children who risk their lives to find safety for themselves are being treated like pawns in a political theater, really,” Abrego said.

Many of the downtown protesters say they will continue to fight for the tens of thousands of children being detained in the U.S. until they’re reunited safely with the families.


18 thoughts on “Hundreds March In Downtown LA To Support Immigrant Rights

  1. blah blah blah.
    either turn this place into “disneyland for all” or tell these people to shove off.

    1. I say round them up and then tie them to the back hitch of a pickup truck and drag their asses back to the border, being sure to drive over every bump in the road.

    1. Oh no, LA already has plenty. Send them on to San Francisco and Fresno. I’m sure the Democratic Liberals there would love to house them in their very own mansions. They can even fund the expense out of their State pensions paid for by the ever decreasing and fast fleeing CA tax payers. You know, those evil Americans the skin headed roid raging cops love beating to death when they are not shaking them down for revenue. Oh well, I’m sure MS13 will make a more worthy constituency for them instead.

      Have fun with that boys.

      Good thing the Feds have given you all those fancy new toys. You may actually need them for something other than raiding farmers markets selling raw milk or shooting family pets and one more thing. Don’t think all that hardware is going to get used to protect your friends or family… no, no, no.

      It doesn’t work that way.

      Your jobs are to follow the orders and protect the people higher up in the system who allowed you to walk free when you murdered any civilian trash, aka “them”, that didn’t jump high enough for you the micro second you barked at them. Didn’t you know that?

      It doesn’t matter.

      If you haven’t figured it out by now, you will. The hoards are fast approaching to help you sort all this out. When you are ordered to stand fast around the mansions of your dictators while your homes are burning… well.

      I’m confident you will have your moments of clarity by then.

      Ha, ha, ha.

  2. If I or any other American National went to one of their countries and demanded citizenship, food, housing, education, and medical care after entering said country illegally, we would be shot dead. I would love to bash anyone carrying one of those “Stop deportation” signs over the head with a baseball bat. Just because they find some sick and twisted “justification” for invading our country, that does NOT change the fact that they are illegal aliens seeking to take my food, water, housing………and my very life itself! Maybe if they gunned a few of these invaders down and left their rotting carcasses along the southern border, it would give others trying to invade something to think about before they try it!

    1. Yep, try doing what these illegals are doing in China and you’ll get your head chopped off. It’s insane how we are allowing this to go on.

  3. “Immigration-reform advocates packed the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Monday, urging political leaders and the public to have compassion in dealing with immigrants who have illegally entered the United States.”

    There’s an oxymoron. “Immigrants” and “illegally entered”.

    Which is it? IT CAN’T BE BOTH, MORONS.

  4. They have a right to make their nations not suck. Nope, much better to go to other nations and ‘Detroit’ them.

  5. I love that picture of sign”Stop deportations now”,seems to be very little in f any deportations going on,go home and fix your country NOW!

  6. The young 9 year old immigrant who spoke up and said, “Children are human and deserve to have their family around them,” seems to be confusing the issues of the Central American (unaccompanied or with one parent) children streaming across the borders, with the U.S. soil-born children of people who entered this country illegally, the parents who are being deported and what happens to their children who were “raised as Americans.” (which is another problem entirely) She says children deserve to have their family around them — ????? yes, so…. deport these illegally entering children back to their Central American families….

    of course the entire situation is bizarre beyond belief, when only certain facets of it are being spoken about in the media. Obvious questions are not being asked. So it is like everyone is under some sort of hypnotic spell, to not see this situation for what it IS — a foreign invasion. Very tricky to have it be children invading, to spin it as “humanitarian” and prey upon our hearts, and cause our compassion to overrule our sense.

    And yes…. millions of us do see this, but only the “hundreds” are getting airplay. Hmmmmm… reminds me of something…

    1. mullein tea, garlic, comfrey tea, syrup made from honey and onions, distilled water, good nutrition, fresh air/sunshine.

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