6 thoughts on “Hundreds Of Birds Mysteriously Drop Dead Today In Small Town In Chihuahua, Mexico

  1. Devastating!! Actually, both the bird vids are a testament to the poisonous times. Glad the birds, like we, are fighting back.

    Going way off topic here but in light of all the news being too damn heavy…

    As of Monday Los Vegas is officially changing its name. Due to all the controversy of gaining a reputation as Sin City, officials have decided a name change was in order. Therefore, what was formerly known as Los Vegas will now be known as Lost Wages. 🙂 🙂

    Also… What does Justin Trudeau have in common with Marie Antoinette?
    Answer: Nothing yet. 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. Nothing yet. It was a sad day at the Ambassador bridge today. A little bit of levity here at the Trenches to get me through the rest of the day. Lots n lots of love 2 u, galen.
        Regarding the birds, there has been talk about certain 5g frequencies being deployed from cel towers to cause instant oxygen deprivation. 60ghz is the frequency. Could this be true, and the birds are the targets of their experiments before they deploy it on us? Wild, wing nut conspiracy theory? Maybe, maybe not.

        1. Thank you, Diana, I certainly like love. 🙂 Right back at ya.

          Regarding the birds, etc., could be what you say is true. We know they are capable of the most heinous deeds. This vid was so different than others I’ve seen of “birds falling from the sky.” The whole flock at the same time ran into something highly charged, some frequency, something lethal. What an offense to nature. Can’t wait ’till integrity is once again at the helm.


          1. We already know that microwave frequencies are part of the 5g technology. They can use remote switches to activate any frequency they want. My take on what happened is that those birds were all cooked from the inside.

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