Hurricane Harvey relief efforts getting assist from NYPD, FDNY

am New York – by  Ivan Pereira

The people of Texas will get a helping hand from New York as Hurricane Harvey continues to devistate the southeastern part of the state.

New York City on Sunday deployed to Houston the Office of Emergency Management’s Urban Search & Rescue New York Task Force One, an 80-member unit including representatives of the NYPD and FDNY, as well as EMS responders.  

The FDNY is sending 40 members of its Incident Management Team to the city as well, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“After Superstorm Sandy, so many cities stepped up to help our people. We’ll do all we can to help those affected by this storm,” he tweeted Sunday.

The city’s task force also includes boats and other equipment from the first responder teams. A spokesman for the NYPD said they sent 33 Emergency Service Unit officers and six K-9 officers to Houston.

On Saturday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo deployed aircraft, vessels, and service members from the 106th Rescue Wing of the New York Air National Guard to Texas and Louisiana to assist with the relief efforts.

“New Yorkers first-hand know the damage Mother Nature can cause, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with Louisiana and Texas as they brace for Hurricane Harvey,” Cuomo said in a statement.

The storm made landfall Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane and dropped five inches of rain per hour and winds of 130 miles per hour, according to the National Hurricane Center. It has been downgraded to a tropical storm and it is expected to cause flooding in Texas for the next few days.

As of Sunday evening, the storm had killed at least two people, ripped off roofs, destroyed buildings, flooded coastal towns and cut off power to about 280,000 people in Texas.

One thought on “Hurricane Harvey relief efforts getting assist from NYPD, FDNY

  1. This was undoubtably ordered by Trump. Why doesn’t Trump send the military to demolish all the HAARP equipment?

    Gee wiz people, how dumb do these idiots think we are? Sure cities are going to send their people into help, they have to right? Don’t get me wrong, people need the help and in the end, some goddamned explanations.

    All these assholes in congress, silent like a fking mouse.

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