Hurricane Irene and Our Devastation Nation

The big storm, what a joke, every news channel blacked out, covering nothing but a casual rain storm.  People forcibly evacuated from their homes, millions without electricity for no other reason than authorities flipped a switch and turned it off.  NORTHCOM on high alert, just in case.  This has been a huge propaganda blitz designed to project a need for this gluttonously huge government we have, using nothing more than hypotheticals.

Ron Paul is as right at rain, pun intended.  How much money was wasted in financing this exercise in futility?  The big hurricane.  The reporters had to go to the beach to procure enough wind to make their mics pop.  The reports in the streets were laughable.  I saw CNN’s Candy Crowley standing in the street with her shoes off and her pant legs rolled up to her ankles.  The water was barely covering her feet as she was reporting on the flooding.

I can see the big headlines for today – “20 million pairs of shoes ruined by Hurricane Irene.”  The phony propagandists, with their most serious looks and voices, describing the carnage as someone jogs past behind them, in shorts with earphones on.  Oh the horror, when they showed the tree that got blown over.  Oh the display of competence under pressure, as the fat ass Governor Christie talked down at the people he is supposed to be serving.

As mentioned in a previous article, my sister lives in South Carolina.  When I called to make sure she was prepared for the BIG STORM, she did not sound concerned.  She said the news back there was saying that the storm was not going to be that big of a deal.  I made her go out and buy a battery lantern and extra groceries.  No doubt I will be receiving a call later today wherein I will have  to endure a half hour sarcastic attack which I have coming.  She’ll probably make me pay for the lantern and quite frankly I have no defense.

What a pathetic display this has been.  The New Yorkers must be shaking their heads today as the Californians are laughing at their 5.8 earthquake and the rest of the country is laughing at their wet shoes.

So do you think the propagandists are going to admit that they blew this pathetic excuse for a storm completely out of proportion, and in doing so caused people to spend money they did not have, preparing for a storm that they realistically could have gotten through with nothing more than an umbrella and a pair of galoshes?

I guess this whole thing will serve one purpose, and that is to further show the complete lack of credibility in the mainstream propaganda machine.  By the time they get done reporting this phony crap our country will have lost another 400,000 jobs, we will have spent another $100 million in Libya, another $billion in Afghanistan, another $100 million in Iraq, another $billion financing our troops stationed in 130 countries around the world, another $billion in foreign aid to countries with better economies than ours like China and Israel, and of course we will have shipped a billion more dollars worth of our natural resources out of our country to others countries to be manufactured by slave labor.

By the time the propagandists address the issue of our dying country again all the talk will be of QE3.  What a great idea, let’s print billions more dollars and give them to the banks to funnel to their accounts in other countries through the great money laundering machine called the stock market.

We are being so punked by these punks.

Well I finally got this article done, time to go puke.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene and Our Devastation Nation

  1. Fema and the parasitic contractors who follow them around to bilk tax payers out of more untold billions of “dollars” are disappointed to their rotten core that this rain storm didn’t topple a couple more towers.These people thrive on disaster,natural or created,and exploit it to persuade the uninformed segment of our population that they need Government to save them.Maybe we who know better should start a private charity to make sure the “victims of this “disaster” have dry socks.

    1. This is what happens when you only have two major news sources covering the entire nation. Murdock and company, is turning reporters into professional actors. It’s becoming unbearable.

    2. Yes Carl, but perhaps a better one would be to get the fed to back a national chain of thousands of pawn shops staffed with federal employees so that when catastrophic events can be “predicted” people can just go ahead and pawn everything they own so they can move until it passes. Might help pay off some of this wave of debt so they can then create more to trickle up to the impoverished ruling class. What the heck! Pawn broking is a great business…makes a very successful reality TV series doesn’t it? Why shouldn’t the federal government just come out of the closet and admit their true identity? Maybe we could even staff them with convicts (preferably perverts and killers) so they can be “rehabilitated!”

      For that matter why don’t they just take over every pawn shop in the country? They might have some illegal guitars with ebony or rosewood unverifiable construction and THAT just has to be curtailed at any cost!

      This could also, given the right midnight legislation, provide work for more bounty hunters (these should also be convicts converted to federal employees) tracking down deadbeats whose property doesn’t bring a certain percentage of profit when they default on their “loan”. You know…kind of like Freddy Mac and Sallie Mae only more developed.

      I know this sounds a little weird but we are going to have to get really creative in this “job creation” business.
      Just an idea, of course. Maybe we should submit this to our congressmen so (OOO sorry…that would be congresspersons!) s/he can get credit for it. I bet they’ll just love it!

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