More Lies Coming Out of Libya

What exactly is democracy?  Well the last time I checked it was supposed to represent rule through the will of the majority.  The Al Qaeda, who is proclaiming victory in Libya, does not represent democracy in the smallest way.  The fact is had the United States, hence NATO, minded its own business, the Al Qaeda uprising in Libya would have been crushed within a couple of weeks, with a few hundred casualties.  But no, we chose to do it the humanitarian way with 20,000 bombing runs on Tripoli alone.  And even after we eliminated the Libyan army, air force, and navy, the Al Qaeda could not and still has not taken that country.

Does anyone still remember when we sent uniforms to the Al Qaeda so that they would look more like an army?  So what happened there?  What I see coming out of Libya looks like an accumulation of street gangsters, dressed in jeans and T shirts, wearing colorful bandanas, and packing AK-47s.

The attempt to portray this street thuggery as a legitimate organized insurgency would be laughable if not for the tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and little children that have been slaughtered as a consequence of what is blatantly an international elitist action to take the oil and gold of the Libyan people.

Now the reports out of Libya are saying that these so called rebels are beginning to institute ethnic cleansing in executing the Libyan people with darker skin, who were treated with equality under Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.  We should be so proud as Americans that our Nobel Peace Prize winning President has given the Libyan people such utopia through our humanitarian efforts.

I guess this big storm came along just in time to give the mainstream media time to pull back, reassess, and regroup and prepare a new batch of lies in attempting to justify the genocide that has been unleashed on the Libyan people.

And why not?  I’ve seen ads for a new documentary idolizing George W. Bush and his presidency post 9/11.  Bush and his whole administration should have already been tried for the war crimes committed against the Iraqi people and we should be watching Obama’s trial on our TV as we speak.

I guess the international law has become like our law here in the United States, selectively enforced on a few small time criminals while flaunted and ignored by the international gangsters who derive pleasure in watching little children having their arms and legs blown off and made homeless in the bombed out rubble that is all that is left of their cities.  To think that an abomination like this can continue indefinitely without consequence is naïve.

All of you out there who are enacting and participating in carrying out the diabolical orders of the international elite had better take a moment and think.  There will be an accounting for the genocides being committed around the world.

And when the time comes for the justice to be meted out, who do you think the law is going to bring to account?  Look at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq.  It is common knowledge among we the people that the outrages committed there were ordered from the highest levels.  But who was arrested and prosecuted?  Who is sitting in the federal prisons?  Well it certainly is not Dick Cheney who is right now on a book tour, proclaiming his continuing support for torture.

There is an old saying, if you lay down with dogs you get fleas.  And all those carrying out the orders of the international elite are infested.  So ask yourselves, are you of the class that gets to make millions of dollars selling a book, documenting your war crimes, or are you one of the underlings who gets to spend the rest of your life in a federal prison or worse?  You will be judged, if not by humanity, then surely by God.

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  1. God damn the Bush administration for their lies, deceit, and crimes against humanity. I started watching that fuckhead’s bullshit show, but had to turn it off before I puked my guts out. I wonder how much $$$ he made from that farce ?

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