11 thoughts on “Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi Flees Interview

  1. I’m surprised Petosky didn’t go full on reptile and bite the interviewers head clean off with her sharp, pointy demonlike teeth.

  2. big difference – McDonalds is making a profit, whilst Pelosi is heading up the world’s largest criminal conspiracy to defraud us of trillions, along with our rights, food supply, environment, and educational system. See the difference?

  3. Not that she was anything to look at back in 08, but look at what she looks like just 5 years later , being a lier , a hypocrite , a politician and a POS , has really taken it’s toll on her. Must be tuff to be looking over your shoulder and not sleeping too well for all the people she has fucked over , wording about the day that it all comes to roost
    Well honey , that day can’t come soon enough
    If she makes it another 5 years she will look like 125 years old and left out in the sun to rot , these politicians age very poorly and very quickly due to the stress of lying , and fear of their own actions coming back to haunt them in the end , that end can’t come soon enough

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