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Humanity Awakens – by Jim Costa

If only you believe like I believe in miracles, we’d get by.”

One of my life defining moments occurred while driving from work back to my lonely apartment. I was working thirty miles west and had been dating my wife for three months, who lived thirty miles east. The radio played the Beach Boys’ song with the words. “Wouldn’t it be nice to say “good night” and stay together? Wouldn’t it be nice?” I realized at that moment that my life was all wrong. I was working hard to create exactly what I didn’t want – unhappiness. I drove straight to her house and announced that I was moving in. I have to admit that all I got back was a giant blank look, but we were married in another three months and every day since the Beach Boys, we have both known the true miracle of being a human and co-creating us; God, it’s nice.  

Here’s the facts folks:

Fact: We drank the Kool-aid at birth and have been dancing for our food ever since, via money which doesn’t exist. My Rants “Working Isn’t Working”, “Pushers, Prostitutes and Preachers” and “Swimming Turtles” should convince you of this. It should be clear to you that to create a billion dollars the Cabal simply just has to type that number into a spreadsheet. It is not printed like the video shown of money being printed over and over by the TV news. It should also be clear to you that you have been borrowing your own money all along and not the bank’s money. If you don’t get that point let me know. So again, we drank the Kool-aid at birth and have been dancing for our food ever since, via money which doesn’t exist.

Fact: We are in an intentional financial depression and thus are playing at another man’s game that they prepared for and we didn’t. Do you really think that we are going to win at their game? This old accounting adage is still true today: “When your income is less than your outgo, your upkeep will be your downfall.” They are BANKING on that. Look at it this way. The bank either lent you non-existent money or your own money, to purchase a house. In a short time they will own that house without ever having used their own money.

Do you really think that you can get through the depression and possibly a divorce with perfect credit? Hint: Credit and credit reports are obsolete and will no longer exist as we know them today. Do you still have hope of keeping that big house by paying the twelve year mortgage when a current job life is just three years and there are few replacement jobs? Still counting on that pension (all forms)? Still think the government will take care of you? As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change it unless you are honest with yourself.” And don’t forget that we are about to go through government forced “austerity” (greatly winding down of the living standard).

Fact: We are all potential terrorists. Our government is right in seeing us in that way and spying on us. They fear who we are, our power, and the fact that we are waking up in mass numbers and remembering who we forgot we were. You see, they have been conning us all along but I will get into that later.

The human mind is such a massive, intricate matrix. Do you really think they can read it and react to it? “Mary, I am thinking about leaving my wedding ring at home for Friday’s girls’ night out. I just want to see if I can still turn an eye. What do you think?” Don’t forget that this is a government doing this. Should I remind you that England finally abolished a filled paid position to ring a bell if Napoleon was sighted invading the coast? Of course, the position was abolished one hundred years after Napoleon’s death!

They are just trying to scare us into submission; it’s all an illusion. The Boogie Man does not actually exist. What they are doing, though, is monitoring the big players for various reasons. Of course, this is mostly being done to cheat, con, and manipulate them. But then again, that is our Government and Alphabet Agencies for you. I laugh when I picture them hearing that something just happened to double the price of anhydrous ammonia in the Northeast for three months. I can just see an IT clerk gleaning that info and acting on it.

Hint: If you are working on a clandestine project, name it “Damn Teenagers”. I am certain they turned that meta data tag off a long time ago.

Before I proceed, let me point out that the ship IS sinking. We are in the collapse now so no matter how it comes out, we are all in for a wild roller coaster ride that will change every which way. I am about to give you some woo-woo stuff. I will be short and to the point with it. If it is new to you, you will have to explore for yourself to see if it has truth to it. But please keep in mind that you are a baby bird on a ledge with the cat coming for you. All I can say is “If only you believe like I believe in miracles,” you had better jump and hope to catch on quickly!


More Woo Woo Stuff

Fact: We are powerful beings that forgot that fact. Our thoughts create our reality – we create what we focus on and think about. What we fear is what we create.

Fact: We are co-creating our reality with “God” and all other humans. If we don’t think about (choose) what we are creating, we will default to what they are creating, i.e. the Cabal.

Fact: We cannot “not be.” We are powerful spirits playing a game in the human form. No other beings can harm us unless we give our subconscious consent to it, as we are all equal in power. If they kill us we still exist and continue on. It is no big deal as it is like walking out of the kitchen into the hall. What we fear in death is something we need not fear. It’s just a game.

Fact: There is nothing we need to do in this game. We are here to just experience the game, that is all. We are free to create anything we wish to create. There is nothing we have to accomplish. This is a game that we cannot lose. There is no “good or bad”. There is only our interpretation of what is “good or bad”. We are free to change our interpretation as we go along. Our problem has been that we have accepted others interpretation of “good or bad”. We need to now decide all for ourselves.

Fact: There is no shortage of anything. Our thoughts create the physical reality around us. Because there can never be a shortage of thoughts, there can never be a shortage of physical needs.

Your Move

If you followed what I have said here, then the next move is yours. You are free to stay in the world of the Titanic or you can begin moving out of it now. You don’t need to wait for the savior as you are the savior. Our social-economic system has now been utterly destroyed and is not salvageable. To attempt to salvage it is to continue it. Civilization has once again gone down a corridor in the maze that is now apparently unsustainable for the species and must be replaced. For a while longer you can remain in both worlds at one time but sooner or later you will have to commit to one or the other. Otherwise, you will go mad as the mind is not designed for two realities simultaneously for long.

 How To Stop Dancing For Them.

During the past year I have shown you that there are free energy devices that you yourself can make now to get off the grid. This includes electrical, heating, water and sewage. These are technologies you and your extended family can do yourself.

I maintain two other websites that will assist you in both organizing yourselves and feeding yourselves. They are: and ParadiseFarm.us!services1/clx4 .

The co-op Village site will also provide ideas on converting your suburban neighborhood to get out of their system. See the section titled “Suburbia”.

The website has a section that will help your extended group develop the leadership tools needed for its success. See: “Leadership Toolkit” section and in particular “Leadership Training” at is the fall-back farm we created in the past six months and is a prototype for a Co-Op Village. We have already crossed the bridge you may be about to cross. The view is beautiful! If you would like, I can create a forum/website to assist in the transition. Just let me know if it is needed at

Your First Step.

Your first step is getting off your butt and making the decision, otherwise you will default to their creation for you. The second step might be to learn all that is contained in the above websites. Then begin building pieces of it in your current home.

By the way, you still have time in those homes. In most states you cannot be removed from the house if repossessed for twelve months. They just try to intimidate you to leave but you do not have to. If your house is repossessed, it will probably be done through fraud. If the news media is ever forced to recognize the fraud, you will have three years to fetch it back, minus the mortgage.

Also, most of those credit card debts have no collateral. If you stop making payments they pretty much suck wind. If you do get sued by a bank you still have time to transfer your assets immediately after the judgment. It’s legal. So what I am saying is stop making the mortgage payments, run up the credit cards for cash and begin building a sustainable system you can later move. Let them pay to get you out of their system.

Another step might be to pool resources with someone in your group with a large homestead or acreage. Begin converting it now. If nothing else you will gain the experience to do it again.

One final option might be to learn all you can about living outside of their system and at the same time continue to live in their world until it collapses. If the Reset occurs in the right way, there will be a tremendous amount of grant money to build thousands of Co-Op villages around the country. That money will not have to be repaid and the grant requests for them have already been prepared. If you need $2 Million, you will draw 4; If you need 4 you will draw 8 to be sure to get the job done. It’s free and just needs you. See: Global Solution at
It’s your move. . .

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  1. I like this paragraph … sounds like good advice.

    “Also, most of those credit card debts have no collateral. If you stop making payments they pretty much suck wind. If you do get sued by a bank you still have time to transfer your assets immediately after the judgment. It’s legal. So what I am saying is stop making the mortgage payments, run up the credit cards for cash and begin building a sustainable system you can later move. Let them pay to get you out of their system.”
    . . .

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