2 thoughts on “I am free

  1. Nothing angers the fools and sheep more than refusing to play the game and “work hard” to make someone else rich but instead cut them all of and do what YOU want to do and enrich YOURSELF without sacrificing anything for the “greater good.” Angered the hell out of a jewbitch years ago because I refuse to “work hard, belong to society and suffer to belong.”

  2. That image deserves to be a classic. Social conditioning is certainly one of the major factors underlying human enslavement.

    The other key obstacle to freedom is the fear of death. This is a perfectly natural fear, but it’s really not a rational one, since each of us WILL eventually die in some way or another. No one should ever devalue his own life to the point of throwing it away, but every man should be willing to fight to the death, if necessary, in defense of his most cherished principles.

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