I do NOT support Adam Kokesh’s armed march in DC!

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Whereas the 2nd Amendment recognizes the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and whereas the right to keep and bear arms need not be demonstrated, and whereas Adam Kokesh’s planned armed march into Washington DC is an unnecessary and dangerous provocation that may be used to demonize guns and gun owners, the undersigned petitioners, while supporting the right to keep and bear arms, state their opposition to Adam Kokesh’s planned armed march into Washington DC on July 4th, 2013.

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15 thoughts on “I do NOT support Adam Kokesh’s armed march in DC!

  1. An armed march into DC; where guns are prohibited, is not a good idea. More than likely, every gun will be confiscated and the owners jailed. I understand the march, but not in this way, especially since that weekend, congress will be addressing rewriting the constitution/bill of rights. We don’t want them to write out the 2nd. amendment nor give them fuel to put more restraints on gun owners. At this point, since no one knows what’s happened to him since his arrest, it could be that they’re going to hold him until after the 4th. of July and then release him.

    Adam Kokesh has every right under Our Constitution to petition the gov’t for a redress of grievances. No one can take that right away from him! Not you, not me, not anyone! You may not agree with how he is going about it, but you cannot disagree with his right to protest…..It is an inherent right guaranteed.

    If he is seeking a redress of grievances through foolish and dangerous means, he should be forewarned that what he is doing may endanger others and place them in jeopardy. If he so chooses to proceed then he must assume the consequences, as should anyone else participating.

    Chances are that this was just a stunt and it isn’t going to happen.

    In the mid 1990’s, attorney Linda Thompson tried to organize a one-million man armed militia march on D.C. to arrest the traitors in congress after the Waco masscre and proof of the fema camps were made public implicating the gov’t. She never went through with it. I kind of wish she had done it, though….

    1. You are absolutely correct. It is not only his right to protest, but it is his right to carry a loaded gun into Washington DC. I just do not want to be associated with it because it is a stupid move. Best case scenario – an open surrender. Worst case scenario – a blood bath.
      Considering the state of the nation, our best choice in my opinion is to continue to prepare and let them come to us.

      1. I agree with ya there, Henry. But I don’t sign any online petitions. They have zero impact on anything and hold zero weight, bearing or authority to anything as the government spits on them just like they spit on our rights. So I say, why waste my time when they are going to come for us and our guns anyways. Only prolonging the inevitable. I understand people’s reasons for making sure they clear their conscience and covering themselves in case of trouble, but as I said, truth be told, petitions have always done and continues to do diddly squat. But that’s just me.

        1. You are right, NC, a petition will do no good, except maybe to the extent of a record documenting the fact that everybody isn’t this f#@king stupid. 🙂

  3. I wonder…with adams arrest, without cause or any type of constitutional rights, and with the NDAA he may never get out (think guantanamo), if this is even an issue. IMO even addressing this issue whether for or against, seems like watching a soap opera. Let them march if they want to. As I mentioned before, we are already in martial law and gun confiscation.

  4. Marketing… Dont encourage it by reflecting on it. No one dumb enough to march armed. If anyone does, that is the agent. Alas, it is marketing which is working quite well. AJ and W Post arent talking about Shivley or Rivero, right? Hell, maybe we should come up with a months in the future threat. We could use some attention…

  5. Not sure about Adam or his motives. I was at first against the march, then for it. I hear many concerns about the possibility of a setup that demonizes the event and gun owners. I also hear concerns that it is illegal. On the second point, the constitution is supposed to be the law of the land, and it says Americans can bear arms. Any subsequent laws that infringe on that are therefore null and void and treasonous.

    On the first point; will the government set up an incident?. Maybe. One must look at the larger picture imho. The government is already demonizing gun owners and banning/restricting ownership, cutting off ammunition supplies, etc, etc. They are going to create incidents regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen on the fourth. At some point we need to stop worrying about what they are doing and worry more about what we are going to do; Stop reacting and take the initiative. If several thousand armed patriots march into Washington to assert their 2nd amendment right and a firefight takes place and the government tries to crack down, perhaps in the end the republic will be restored as a result. If they use an incident as an excuse to confiscate guns, etc, they will be in for a fight when they try. Either way, they lose. as I see it. It only takes one group of brave, determined men to make a stand to inspire the masses; will we wait until 30,000 armed drones fill the skies, there is no ammo and there are cameras on every street corner?
    People want someone to stand up to the government and when someone does they turn around and say” oh don’t do that, we might get in trouble”.

    I say let 10,000 armed patriots march across the bridge with a sea of red white and blue fluttering in the breeze and a drum section beating revolutionary war tunes for all to hear; and we shall see how much the DC police want to stop them from exercising their constitutional rights.
    Just some thoughts.

    1. Yep, I say let 10,000 + armed patriots ready to be fired upon and ready to shoot back to kill. Untill they have that attitude this protest thing will not accomplish anything and even if thete was blood shed from a old fashioned shoot out it still will only have just begun because the govt. has got to surrender to us people and quit trying to push us around for their own benefit to look good to their PTB elite freinds. I wonder just how many would show up at this so called protest with fully loaded weapons ready to shoot to kill any LEO that would attend. Yep this kind of protest will do no good unless a serious firefight was fought. This will be interesting if this protest actually does happen.

    2. marbury v. madison & the Dick Act confirm the rights you have mentioned.

      However, with a usurper running an equally corrupt America hating admin doing as he pleases with no regard for the Constitution what is right, legal or otherwise, is ever increasingly irrelevant.

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