5 thoughts on “I don’t get paid enough

  1. I second that. If it wasn’t for you guys, many would be starving. I can’t give you that raise you deserve, but I can raise my glass to you and say, you are an American Hero!!


  2. sometimes you just gotta know when to say when

    nothing good comes out of a pucker factor ride , even if you do nothing wrong , doesnt say the other guy wont

    be safe Mark

    its like i told my old boss quite a few years back when I was in Pennsylvania up to my ass in snow ..A professional driver knows how and when to call it

    1. You bet EOTS, either your a pro or your a punk, my bosses would love me to deliver on time, and I would love a thousand dollar bonus. Until then, im eatin Hershey bars on the side of the road.

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