Torch-lit march | Danish protesters denounce COVID restrictions

Jan 31, 2021
Hundreds gather for a torchlight protest in Aarhus, Denmark to slam COVID-19 restrictive measures

4 thoughts on “Torch-lit march | Danish protesters denounce COVID restrictions

  1. Mr. Smith is maturing. He just may be reading at The Trenches:

    “It’s not enough to simply say ‘I won’t submit’ when the consequences are minimal. One must be willing to fight back even when the consequences are dire. Being willing to lose everything for what you believe, being willing to possibly die for your values and principles means you are no longer a spectator in history, but an actor that can affect the future. Anything less is not enough to win the war that is coming. … The liberty movement cannot revolve around a single political figure. We cannot bottleneck our efforts into the hands of one man or one political party. The fight is up to us – each of us as individuals. It was ALWAYS up to us. A different form of organization needs to happen if Americans are going to protect our freedoms; a grassroots approach from the ground up rather than the top down. There will of course be people who stand out as teachers and pioneers, those that lead by example. But overall, the movement will not be acting on orders from on high. Rather, it will be acting according to self-motivation. The liberty movement is not driven by personalities, but by shared principles which take on a life of their own.”
    — Brandon Smith



    1. My vision of a “Movement” that will have a direct result is one of “Lexington/Concord” and Sam Whittemore. Anything less will fail.

      This is the only Movement that MUST arise and yes it will start with individuals as the Organized Militia’s apparently are awaiting our Sacrifices before making any Public Stand against well, anything….I think they are going to be so fkn Prepared, that they’ll all die of old age before using their 5-10 Programs…

      1. It is so interesting, even thrilling, to see this shift from the ‘non-violent’ camp to the “we must be willing to fight” camp. Glad you set up the template of Lexington/Concord. It puts up the true vision of willingness, readiness, and follow-through.


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