5 thoughts on “I encountered Klaus Schwab

  1. You mean she was that close that she didn’t go kamikaze on his ass and stab that motherf$&ker to death to save the whole world?

    I guess that wouldn’t have been the “honorable” thing for her.

    The bastard didn’t even want to talk to her unless she was mainstream. Amazing how they will only talk to media outlets that they control. Imagine that?

    And what’s with the bodyguards? If he feels he’s just a normal businessman, then why does he need them? It’s not like the public is going to do anything to him, otherwise they would have tried doing it already. The old bag can’t even defend himself when he’s in public.

  2. Keep these fcks scared , ramp it up to 11 ..Need to push it to the point they wont go out in public so no paid and owned media can hear their stupidity and take it for fact

  3. If this Japanese woman was attempting to make independent journalists look really weak & stupid she did a fantastic job! “…afraid of our resistance!“? LOL! I didn’t see any fear in that clip just an arrogant fat c*nt, a couple of armed paid thugs & another really annoying, condescending b1tch.

  4. you can’t get in there, everyone who has is bought and paid for…simple, they can’t walk the streets, they don’t, islands, bought and paid for, by us, the people. They’re sickening……

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