3 thoughts on “I found this so interesting because it reminded me of a tracer round fired

  1. This is very common in Las Vegas NV.-The black line phenomenon.The black line usually dissipates about ten minutes after appearing.

  2. I have seen this phenomenon as well and it appears that it might be a guidance ‘beam’ for the chemtrail planes, probably the unmanned variety. The planes literally follow the dark line in the sky on those I have observed. Maybe someone else has a better explanation?

    1. When I see that phenomenon, it is usually the shadow of the chemical trail onto the lower layer of chemical overlay. You can barely see the haze, but it is there in that photo. I’ve seen them be at markedly lower levels as well, or angle of view, making the separation of the two lines greater. I have pictures, but don’t know how to share them here.
      That’s what I’ve seen.

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