I-Team: How Jerad Miller got weapons used in deadly shooting

8 News Now – by Nathan Baca

LAS VEGAS — Police shooter Jerad Miller was a convicted felon, but he still was able to gather several guns, which he and his wife Amanda used to kill three people Sunday.

The I-Team uncovered how the Millers were able to assemble an arsenal.  

8 News NOW

Metro Police say Jerad and Amanda Miller had multiple handguns and a shotgun when they died inside Wal-Mart. The law forbids Jerad Miller from ever owning a gun.

Since Amanda Miller lived with Jerad, she legally wasn’t supposed to own guns either.

Jerad Miller complained online in May 2012 that he and his girlfriend were forbidden to own firearms because of his felony record.

Miller was convicted of felony criminal recklessness for pointing a gun at someone in Indiana in 2007. In 2010, he was convicted of felony marijuana possession in Indiana.

On May 8, 2014, Miller posted on Facebook that he needed a rifle and asked friends for help. The Millers stayed with a neighbor the days before the shooting. She said the guns were registered in Amanda Miller’s name.

“In Indiana, is my understanding, it was all registered in Amanda’s name, because he was a felon so he couldn’t have any guns,” roommate Kelly Fielder said.

The I-Team asked Metro Police if Amanda Miller registered for a blue card in Clark County, which is required for all Clark County handgun owners, but so far, the department has not answered that question.

At this time, Metro Police says there is no record of any officer ever interacting with the Millers before the shooting. So, there was no apparent way that Metro would have known felon Jerad Miller had easy access to multiple guns.

Democratic State Senator Justin Jones wrote a bill last legislative session that would require all private purchases of firearms in Nevada to go through a licensed dealer.

In a statement released Tuesday, Jones said, “the steady stream of shootings and senseless violence just reinforces the belief of many Nevadans that we need to act to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous felons and severely mentally ill. No one bill can prevent all gun deaths, but we can–and must–find a way keep our neighborhoods safe from gun violence while also protecting law-abiding citizens’ second amendment rights.”


30 thoughts on “I-Team: How Jerad Miller got weapons used in deadly shooting

        1. It’s worse than that, Bulldog. If you own more than one gun you don’t live in a house anymore — now it’s a “compound” if you make the news.

          1. Man, I hope that I never make the news. The MSM will have lots of talking points to spread around to the sheep. “military style” compound full of “assault weapons’ and “tactical gear”. Camo everywhere. I even have PVC pipe in my garage for repairing plumbing. I may even possess one of those terrorist flags with the snake on it that says Don’t Tread On Me. Holy crap, someone call SWAT quick. 🙂

    1. Well, I guess according to Communist speak, if a FEW of your guns are spread out lengthwise across the entire room, it’s probably considered an arsenal now because it takes up the entire length of the room. 😉

        1. Hey that’s what it says right here in my Communist dictionary, Redhorse. I’m just typing what it says. 😉

    2. Hey REDHORSE, up here in “The Northwoods”, a guy damn near needs a different weapon for every critter! For squirrels and such, a 22 LR can’t be beat (except for the manmade shortage of ammo). For coons and other animals doing damage to your property, a medium cal. I use a 243 Winchester. Can’t beat a 308 for range and stopping power when hunting big game. The biggest bruise on the shoulder I ever enjoyed was a 375 H&H Magnum. It will leave an impression on a fella!

  1. “Metro Police say Jerad and Amanda Miller had multiple handguns and a shotgun when they died inside Wal-Mart. The law forbids Jerad Miller from ever owning a gun.”

    Now if we are going to go along with the MSM’s version of the story and somehow assume that Jerad actually DID do something and that he DID have a gun and obtained it ILLEGALLY, then once again, how is MORE gun control, gun registration, gun confiscation and the like going to prevent a person from obtaining a gun and using it to commit a crime?

    Can someone PLEASE answer that question for me?!!!

    1. If my instinct is correct, the ‘plan’ is to take away -all- of the guns. ‘No guns/no problems’. Unfortunately, that can’t work as proported. I don’t think I need to explain why…

      1. Elaborate on “unfortunately”.
        Would you be for gun confiscation if it got rid of some “problems”?

        1. Absolutely NOT! I think maybe I used the term loosely. My point is that they want to take all weapons away from everyone,period. They will say ‘no guns/no problems’, but there will still be weaponry all around, just not in the right hands. In other words what is supposed to fix an alleged “problem”, will in itself BE a bigger problem.
          If confiscation of anything needs to happen, it would really need to be to strip power from those that have taken over the Republic.

          1. I thought you were one of us, but you have only commented 19 times, so I had to check.
            No offense intended.

      2. Well, it appears “someguy” will soon appear in our comment section as “somegayguy”. Keep an eye on the “probies”.

        1. Normally I would probably reply with something pretty nasty in response to such a statement.

          I’ll let it slide, for now… because you don’t know me and I don’t know you. Let’s just say that I made a monetary contribution yesterday for a reason.

          Also, my deceased female spouse of 35 years would probably argue that point.

          The word ‘unfortunate(ly)’ was applied for those who would be on the losing end of the potential confiscation. It’s not a good thing.

          Do not call me ‘gay’, or any variation thereof.

    2. Just as there will always be air to breathe, there will always be guns to be had. Anyone thinking that gun confiscation is “the answer” needs their head examined for the bullet they deserve!

  2. Wow, they just showed a video of actors portraying the Millers in their final moments and “we’re only going to show this once!” on CNN!

  3. I know it’s over when people on this site can’t figure out that this was another, in a long long line, of blatant hoaxes.

    Might as well hang out at Jonestown, where his sheep are as clueless as the most people posting here, seem to be.

    1. go to Jonestown. while you are there get a giant cup of cool aid.
      or you can have a big steaming cup of shut the f$%k up.
      how much do yall get per hour? Is it worth it to be paid to troll? Do you get health care and a 401k?

      1. bulldog……the above comment of yours on your house is far out……..funny…:)
        yea, and the whole usa is now a war zone……….God!
        So say some cops ………………well, ain’t seen no bullets fly yet where I live…………SO…No War….only thoughts!

  4. It is the sharp spears of our tongues and the barrels of our rifles that will win this war. It’s the “Hearts and Minds” that must be won if we are to prevail. We are up against media giants but the truth is getting “out there”.

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