I Want To Apply For Asylum – Is This What Our Founding Fathers Had In Mind?

Probably the most dreaded six words in modern history, and how “I want to apply for Asylum” has changed the face of our nation, words that have been misused, used to infiltrate and gain access, basically building a 5th column of enemies ready to pounce when called to do so.

War tactics can be as subtle as letting in enemies from other countries, thinking that these oh so innocent migrants only want a better life;  in reality they are setting up enemy positions ready to fight and kill you when you least expect it.   

The filthy rich kissing their children, putting them in the armored family limo, rushing them to school to learn all about world cultures, as their butlers and maids are cleaning up after them, being paid ridiculously low wages.

All it takes is one spark of anger towards the host country, and millions join together, causing incredible damage as a war takes hold. “I want to apply for asylum” turns into “I want to apply for amnesty” as the two phrases intertwine into a nightmare.

Definition of amnesty:  an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. “an amnesty for political prisoners”

Definition of asylum:  the protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee.

Call it what you want, but getting into America has become as easy as baking a loaf of bread; getting into trouble in another country and looking to America as an easy out, or just wanting to come to America because it’s just too damn easy.

Millions have entered our country using one of these two tactics, and it has brought us to our knees. Without a revolution, American middle class will simply disappear, leaving the filthy rich to their butlers and maids, maybe at some point being you and I, as our sovereign well being disappears.

American Nationals watch in amazement as Japanese gardeners speak Spanish to their employees, as Italian food establishments hire Mexicans to do the cooking, and billionaire hotel owners hire Mexicans to clean the rooms.

America has let down the migrants who have used the regular routes of becoming legal residents, having to attend classes, learning our cultures and ideals. All a Mexican has to do is join into a caravan of thousands of people from god knows where and storm the border shouting “I want to apply for asylum” or “I want to apply for amnesty” and using the past performance of our treasonous leaders, they will get it.

America for whatever reason is the only country in the world that lets this garbage happen. American leaders have become the enemy, mafia gangsters to put in a nut shell.

3 thoughts on “I Want To Apply For Asylum – Is This What Our Founding Fathers Had In Mind?

  1. Mark it’s just a back door way to get in our country . It’s way past time to shut that door , no more free shit for fence jumper

  2. Powerful words, Mark. And I am remembering this:

    Bastards of Freedom

    Mother of Freedom,
    she’s spread her legs to the seas,
    let lots of dirty things inside

    Lady of Liberty,
    I’m afraid I see a naughty-girl’s look in your eyes
    I want to cry when we hang our heads
    and say our lady’s become so unclean

    My mother, it angers me,
    I see you there on your knees,
    you’re caught and I just can’t deny,
    Mother, at my expense,
    you’ve lost your innocence
    and dirtied our family name

    I would have died for you,
    now you’ve proved untrue,
    you’re lost and I know who’s to blame

    I cared too much for me,
    I let my mother be exposed to a deadly disease
    It’s eating her pride away
    now she can’t look at me as I bleed
    ‘neath the Liberty Tree

    Henry Shivley (1990’s)


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