“ID” Channel! Freudian Mind Control For The Masses!

Published on Jan 26, 2014 by TheScariestMovieEver

ID (Investigation Discovery) is a Channel dedicated to true crime, typically of a subversive nature. 24 hours a day, and seven days a week, this Channel promotes a mad mixture of murder and soft-core porn, causing it to be one of the fastest growing Channels out there. This is why I have to laugh at the name “The ID Channel”. Let’s explore the definition of “Id” and you’ll find some interesting connections with this Channel’s particular brand of “programming”.

11 thoughts on ““ID” Channel! Freudian Mind Control For The Masses!

  1. Most all of these different episodes are just plain trashy. The only two
    that I like were “Lt. Kendra” and “Twisted” which do have some educational
    aspects explaining the psychology of dysfunctional behavior.
    “Twisted” explains deviant behavior of serial killers from decades ago;
    the “why” question.

        1. Just so you know, I hate t.v. even more than Monsanto.

          And just a little less than the NWO.

          Sorry…….. 🙁

          1. I know a lot of people have given up on TV. Sure would save a lot of
            money as these cable companies are costly. I have thought about offing
            TV but I guess I am not there yet. Congrats!

          2. I have already brainwashed my own self, a long time ago. I can thank
            my mother for that as she was wise to the programming and she was
            strong willed. There are eight of us but only three seemed to benefit
            from her wisdom. The rest take a deep sigh or roll the eyes & march.
            When I suspect indoctrination, I change the channel as the content becomes
            deplorable. I’ve already drawn my line in the sand if you know what I mean.

          3. Good girl! 🙂

            Hope you don’t have one of those newer t.v.’s that watches you while you’re watching it. George Orwell’s telescreens from “1984” are a reality.

          4. The TV spy has crossed my mind also. I know Samsung has one of these
            types. Mine is Sony Bravia. Could never find any definitive info – yea or nay.
            Placed some duct tape on where I thought the location might be then
            my TV started acting up. Also wondered the same about the DVR. hmmm
            What a world. I watched “1984”; in fact have it saved on the DVR.
            Very dismal.

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