SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. General Leading Revolutionary Army To Takeover Louisiana

If this is true, he must be stopped! This guy is a communist! He was behind the martial law and gun confiscation during Katrina! Need I say more? You can bet that I will be deep in the trenches down here if he attempts this!

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

A retired United States Army Lt. General has been gathering troops to takeover Louisiana state government, citing corruption leading to continued daily disasters and destruction, including suffering victims in a swath called Cancer Alley. Before It’s News has learned the army’s plan is to descend on Baton Rouge in March when legislators return to the Capitol.  

General demands action  

“Enough is enough!” Honore says.

LT. General Russel L. Honoré, US Army (Ret), was widely hailed by media as the “Category 5 General” who led Task Force Katrina in the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes that struck the Gulf Coast in the summer of 2005. General Honoré is a Senior Scientist with The Gallup Organization. There, he’s working on developing questions to determine levels of preparedness. He’s also a CNN Preparedness Contributor.

“Our water, our coast, and our health are at stake,” he says about his new army’s plans, adding an assertion, “and we demand action.”

On his website, Honore says, “The urgent need for this movement is one of the lessons I learned through personal experiences during my last few years in the Army.”

Honore said ”his “Green Army”…  will fight ‘through blood, sweat and tears. We’re going to do this,”according to the Times Piayune.

“In order to protect our environment and communities, it’s time to regulate industry and make sure our legislation holds them responsible for the spills, toxins, and pollution,” Honore said this week.

Late last year, the former Joint Task Force Katrina commander and retired army lieutenant general publicly outined his Green Army plans:

  • Bar former industry officials from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, or DEQ
  • Increase transparency in the Legislature by forcing lawmakers to recuse themselves from votes when they’ve received industry campaign contributions.
  • Reduce subsidies to the oil, gas and pipeline industries. (Times Picayune)

He isn’t waiting until politicos present at the state legislature to begin showing the army’s presence. Honore’s ”Green ARMY” is brazen and well respected enough to have gained permission to march on Feb. 15th in the Mardi Gras Krewe d’Illusion parade, right after Krewe de Vieux, in New Orleans.

His followers are encouraging new enlistees to march with them in that parade, to show solidarity with him and to make their presence known.


This is not the first army attempt to take over the state, also called a colony.

Equipped with no more than a B.S. in Environmental Science and nine years experience in the environmental field, Kimberly Wolf established an earlier army base camp in 2010, during height of BP’s Gulf of Mexico catastrophe. The army was known then as Army of the Gulf.

Wolf once wrote she’d become “100% activist as of 4-20-10,” the day the Gulf eco-horror story began. That was despite her personal battle with cancer.

Drawing closer to her laptop screen in a New Orleans cafe during a Skype call with this author back then, Wolf looked squarely at the camera and solemnly spoke about the Barefoot Doctors, with whom she was working to help oil and Corexit poisoned victms. She and the other volunteers had each been poisoned that morning when strong Gulf winds shifted for the first time since the Deepwater Horizon disaster and subsequent carpet-bombing with Naclo’s Corexit. (Vampire Of Macondo)

Those winds swept the toxins across the City That Care Forgot. People across New Orleans reported burning eyes and throats. Doctors of integrity warned people there, “Evacuate immediately!”

“We’ve all discussed leaving but I already have cancer, so I do not need to leave,” Wolf said. “None of the others have cancer. We’ve all been saying if this gets bad, they need to leave.”

Battling for her own life, Wolf also battled for the 99%. In front of the White House, she gave one of the most impassioned presentations ever in defense of Gulf oil victims. She rallied patriots that day at a “Spill into Washington D.C.” Labor Day weekend 2010 event.

Exposed to BP and Nalco’s Corexit, in 2011, on Dec. 10, 20122, Wolf’s title changed to fallen soldier. That day, Kimberly Wolf died of breast cancer.

The fossil fuel industry lived on. Louisiana oil and gas-related disasters continued  daily, injuring south Louisiana people and destroying their homes.

The people’s general, the beloved United States Army Lt. General Russel Honore continued gaining popularity.

‘Take action. Be prepared’

In November, Honore enlisted more supporters, aiming for 99% to win the state back this time around. The new army plans to make itself better known in the state Capitol. He claims just to be doing what all Americans should do, be a good citizen, as was once taught in grade school. That was back in the days when corporate media had not yet tainted the notion of fulfilling civi duty and working for the betterment of humanity – doing good — with the term ”activism.”

“I’m not running for office and I’m not getting paid,” he told the Advocate.

Unregulated and exploitative oil and gas extraction in Louisiana and its coastal waters is literally killing people and destroying what was once known as the nation’s paradise, an email to Before It’s News reads today about the army’s plans. Civic duty calls. Citizens of a most troubled state have declared they have a leader to follow, whether he’s paid or running for offfice or not.

Retired General Honore is leading a broad coalition of Louisiana “activists.” And think not for a minute that this is a rag-tag bunch of loser Confederates.

Five days after New Orleans floodwalls broke during Katrina in 2005, U.S. Army General Russell Honore and the Louisiana National Guard were allowed to enter the city, restore order, and start recovery operations.

The General managed to get things done — despite obstacles the national, state and local political leadership in place at the time placed and despite the immensity of the disaster.

Key leaders are enlisting to serve under Gen. Honore.

For example, this week, Rob Verchick of Loyola’s New Orleans Environmental Policy Clinic said his group there “would love to join” Honore. “We’ll be reaching out.”

People involved in community and environmental organizations have enlisted to join the general in forming a legislative agenda to take back Louisiana from corrupt leaders paid off by fossil fuel giants.

“Louisianians from around the state will convene on the Capitol on March 8 to demonstrate civic engagement and enthusiasm for political and environmental change in Louisiana,” Gen. Honore confirmed this week.

The GreenARMY March 8 event “is a chance for us to show support for the General and for holding big industry accountable for damage to our water and coastal resources,” reads an email Saturday to Before It’s News from a recruit.

Gen. Honore’s orders are: “Take action. Be prepared.”

Sources: The Advocate, Facebook GreenArmy, Josh Tickell, Spill Into D.C., Vampire of Macondo

Photo Credits: Facebook, Creole New Orleans


6 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. General Leading Revolutionary Army To Takeover Louisiana

  1. For those who do not understand the philosophy or operational plans and methods of Judeo-Freemasony: They have always had men assume the leadership roles on “both” sides of a conflict thus no matter what side wins they never lose control of the principle elements of power.

    Do not take any sides, do not join any movements, whether Oath Keepers, Militia Movements, Occupy (Communist Front Organization) or whatever; stay cool, calm and collected, prepare as best you can and wait until the “real” civil war and revolution comes – then you will see what side is the right side.

  2. Bulldog, I’ve seen some highly dubious articles from Dupre. I’d be more than a little skeptical about anything she posts, which is why I don’t post her articles.

    Just a friendly FYI.

    1. #1,
      I agree about her. She has her own agenda. The problem is, Honore has already said he may run for governor. He would stand a good chance of winning around here. The sheeple still believe that he did the right thing during Katrina. He has recently stated that he thinks the National Guard should be patrolling the street of Chicago and that they should implement the same plan there as he did during Katrina. He has also spoken out in favor of redistribution. He is a closet communist.
      I am just gonna watch him very closely. He would be helpful to the NWO.

      1. Bulldog,
        While I agree that there is very little going on these days that doesn’t bear close scrutiny, there are many fearmongers (AJ & others) out there attempting to poison the well.

        Dupre strikes me as one of them. Just my opinion.

  3. Gee…this almost sounds exactly like the scenario in the show “Revolution” in season two where the “Patriots” come back from hiding and took over a town in the name of security and restoration of the country, only to do experiments on them and to take some away on trains to re-education camps. The remaining residents were not allowed to leave the city and they even did a false flag bombing in order to scare and prove how dangerous it was outside the town and that it was safer to stay inside. Of course more troops then came in.

    Sounds like this general here is attempting to do the same thing.

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