9 thoughts on “I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress

  1. While he is 100% correct, he is controlled opposition. cia “terrorist” experts would know bin Laden was dead a long time, but he used him to sell his book of propaganda. And that’s just the start of the list of flags.

    1. I don’t know about him being controlled opposition. Assuming what you say about bin Laden is true (and it probably is), it’s undoubtedly classified at the highest levels, and Scheuer might not be able to say it publicly without fear of imprisonment or worse. Perhaps he’s simply saying as much as he feels he can say without talking himself into prison.

      1. I would like to think he is living to fight another day, BMF. I hope that’s the case, but “ex”-cia barely even pertains to the field agents, let alone upper echelon. I was almost 40yrs old when I found out my (step)dad was a spook for them, yet never admitted it to me personally. Known him since I was 5.

          1. Dad and I definitely have greatly varying viewpoints and he is most assuredly an US-rael firster.Mom has been asked not to bring up any discussion involving “politics” with me. I’ve explained to her that politics involve a govt functioning as it states it is. We’re not even close here in the united snakes of amerika.

  2. I’d dump the Israelis yesterday, but I suppose tomorrow would be better than nothing.

    Israel is possibly the single worst thing to happen to the US since our founding. The entire “War on Terror” and the loss of millions of lives, as well as any remaining moral authority America had; the trillions of dollars in debt resulting from that endless war; the resulting destruction of the Bill of Rights; crappy relations with the Muslim world; false-flag attacks on the US, which may someday go nuclear; these are all the fault of the “special relationship” in which the US bends over and takes it from Israel every time, with only the occasional protest for public consumption.

    How ironic that all those “Christian” Zionist retards think that America needs to support Israel to be blessed. (They cite a Bible verse that applies to ABRAHAM, not to Jews generally or any modern state of “Israel.”) America has been CURSED by its support of Israel, and the curse will lead to damnation.


  3. ………..the jew controlled asslicking congress at its finest…….
    im surprised they didn’t drag him out in handcuffs……….

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